Mar 02 2020

COAST is a narrative short film written and directed by Iyanah Bativala and follows two people from vastly varying socioeconomic backgrounds, in the city of Mumbai. 

Jan 27
Jan 31 2020

Nether Ithaca seeks to highlight water pollution in Ithaca through an installation of consisting gouache paintings and video projection.  

Oct 28
Nov 04 2019

Aboriginal Australian Artist Jonathan Jones will share his insights into socially engaged art as a means of inspiring greater appreciation of Indigenous history and cultures, remembrance of forgotten histories, and stewardship of the environment.

Sep 22
Sep 28 2019

Melting is when individuals lose their individuality to create a new identity, as a cross cultural artist: melting is what I feel my art is, still melting to become something new!

May 02 2019

Visual + Media ArtsMay 2 Outside, in front of the Human Ecology BuildingPresented by Kelsie Doty Through interviews with textile companies, fashion designers, plant growers, dye chemists and others, this film seeks to document the use of natural dyes within the apparel and textile industry. Thursday, May 2: 8:30pm

Mar 01 2019

Creating an experimental fashion collection, Olivia Haynie merges natural and synthetic materials and explores their relationship in the form of wearable pieces. 

Feb 28 2019

In this artist talk and conversation, Jaret Vadera will discuss key arcs, propositions, and questions guiding his practice.

Jaret Vadera is a transdisciplinary artist whose work explores how different social, technological, and cognitive processes shape and control the ways that we understand the world around and within us. Vadera's practice is influenced by cognitive science, post/decolonial theory, science fiction, Buddhist philosophy, and the study of impossible objects.

Nov 12
Nov 16 2018

William Jihrel Smith: Blank is an exhibition of painting and sculpture exploring ideas of lightness and darkness; black and white; presence and absence; application and removal; and the ways and which they operate in and for art spaces.

May 03 2018

Surviving the High is a short documentary film that explores the evolving approach to drug policy and addiction in Ithaca, New York. 

May 02 2018

Film is a migratory medium that has traveled across the globe ever since the Lumière Brothers first  brought  the world to the world in their films from 1895. More than a century later Shifting Frames: Migration and the Movies in India shows audiences and owners of Indian cinema halls are also migratory.

Apr 25 2018

Tony was selling candy and gum in eighth grade when strangers approached him and gave him a bag of rolled “joints” to sell. From there he became a major dealer.

Apr 09
Apr 22 2018

What We’re Made Of is a textile and apparel design exhibition that uses only 100% biodegradable natural fibers, dyes, and findings. Looking at her own personal history, present, and future, as well as diving into the cyclical nature of existence, she asks the question, what are we made of? 

Mar 19
Apr 20 2018

This exhibition presents Michael Ashkin's recent work consisting of sculptures and photographs that reflect the urban landscape of Berlin as one of voids, liminality, and conflict.

Mar 10 2018

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 34th annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Nov 13
Nov 26 2017

Can the act of drawing encompass transcription, translation, and even construction?

Nov 05
Nov 11 2017

An extended Meditation on seeing, Let me Look at You asks the questions, What does it mean to see? What does it mean to be seen?

May 20
May 28 2017

Having been heavily influenced by the power of natural dyes, Fiber Science and Apparel Design seniors Kennedy Rauh and Rachel Powell will display the development of their journeys using natural dyes in Down to Earth.

Apr 23
Apr 29 2017

Pursuit attempts to encapsulate the state of existence between life and a waking dream. Every waking moment exists to please one’s self over oneself.

Apr 06
May 01 2017

The artist, Yuxi Xiao, will hand copy the Arts page of local newspapers on newsprint using micropens, ball pens and pencils.

Mar 27
Mar 31 2017

Memory Objects: Denouement investigates the gap between oral and written traditions, mediating the spoken and written form through a visual iteration: an exploration of repurposing and re-formulating stories through an image set.

Mar 11 2017

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 33rd annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Mar 10 2017

This exhibition will showcase the many talents of Cornell with poetry readings, printmaking activities, refreshments, and much more. Free and open to all students.

Nov 15 2016

Defined here as a ìqueeringî of blackness, post-black articulates how the political and visual emblems of normative blackness may not speak to the lived experiences and realities of those whose gender or sexual identities position them on the cultural margins.

Nov 14
Nov 18 2016

The layering of the actual objects in the display and the external reflections created a space between visibility and invisibility and loss. The intention of this exhibit is to create a place of meditation on the simultaneity of movement and stillness of this fading future.

Oct 04 2016

The A to Z of Conflict is an artist’s book project that imagines what a commonplace children’s ABC book would look like if all the letters, all the words and all the images were chosen in relation to the subject of conflict. The project that uses three languages — English, Sinhala and Tamil — these are the three main languages spoken in Sri Lanka, a country torn apart by decades of civil war.

Oct 03 2016

Angkor Awakens provides a compelling first-hand look at modern Cambodia — a society at a tipping point, in which one of Asia’s youngest populations is trying to recapture its culture and step forward past what is arguably the most widespread massacre in modern history.

Aug 30 2016

Yael Rice, Assistant Professor of the History of Art & Asian Languages and Civilizations at Amherst College, will speak about the Mughal emperor Akbar, long celebrated by scholars for his “secular” outlook, was deeply invested in the efficacy of astrological events.

Aug 22
Sep 09 2016

Polyphony is an interactive audio-visual installation that generates a simultaneous feedback loop between performance, image, and sound.

Apr 29 2016

The RAW EXPO is a night to celebrate, connect and collaborate with 500+ creators from all disciplines.

Mar 12 2016

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 32nd annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Mar 11
Mar 20 2016

This exhibition will showcase the many talents of Cornell with musical and dance performances, art activities, refreshments, and much more. Free and open to all students.

Nov 18 2015

Breaking Baksbat provides a compelling first-hand look at modern Cambodia — a society at a tipping point, in which one of Asia’s youngest populations is trying to recapture its culture and step forward past what is arguably the most widespread massacre in modern history.

Nov 09
Nov 13 2015

Luca Spano (MFA '16) presents visual and narrative research on the intersection between beliefs and scientific evidence in relation to "The Giant of Monte Prama," an archeological discovery that is changing some historical certainties of the Mediterranean area.

May 26
Jun 01 2015

Cornell University Department of Art presents the 2015 M.F.A. exhibition at Site 109 in New York City. The exhibition consists of works by 12 emerging artists in various media.

Apr 11 2015

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 31st annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Apr 11 2015

Brandon Wen's collection, "Herself," re-evaluates fashion and art through the tension of "perfect shapes": this one-night show for the Cornell Fashion Collective will be displayed at Barton Hall.

Mar 17
Mar 20 2015

a muse, featuring Quincy, an aloof high school senior with an affinity for gnomes and a bad habit of stealing library cds, seeks to invigorate and inspire by finding the wit and beauty in the banal.

Feb 27
Mar 08 2015

This exhibition will showcase the many talents of Cornell with musical and dance performances, art activities, refreshments, and much more. Free and open to all students.

Nov 21
Nov 22 2014

The Centrally Isolated Film Festival (CIFF) brings together the central New York student film community through recognition of student work.

Nov 21
Apr 18 2014

To Uphold the Law is a 35 minute film that explores anti-drone activism in Upstate N.Y.

Nov 01
Dec 31 2014

"Firing the Canon" focuses on the rejection and destruction of the casts, setting their historical treatment at Cornell in the context of broader artistic and intellectual movements.

Oct 23 2014

El Anatsui will discuss his work in conversation with Chika Okeke-Agulu.

Oct 06
Oct 31 2014

Katarina Cheng '15 presents a photography project to address the issue of ageism in the context of the Cornell community.

Oct 06 2014

Bronx Lives is a collaborative film project exploring the urban landscape of homelessness in the Bronx area of New York City.

Sep 20 2014

The Leonardo Education and Arts Forum (LEAF) continues its successful international education event-initiative at Cornell with a workshop led by professors Paul Thomas and Stephanie Owens.

Sep 19 2014

Join members of the Cornell community and Biennial artists for this celebratory event. 

Sep 19 2014

The Symposium brings together Biennial artists, Cornell nano researchers, material scientists, faculty artist/researchers, student artists and independent scholars for a full-day of presentations and discussions of their work

Apr 19
Jul 06 2014

This exhibition will focus on differing representations of families based on cultural and social norms in various time periods, geographic areas, and religious ideals as well as contemporary twenty-first-century notions of friends and other nontraditional and occasionally illegal notions of family.

Apr 12 2014

The Cornell Fashion Collective will present its 30th annual spring fashion show, highlighting the work of over 50 design students.

Apr 12 2014

Terra Cielo, a 5-garment fashion line by Stephanie Gitto, B.Arch '14, explores the concepts of the juxtaposition and collision of earth and sky. 

Apr 12 2014

Aurorae is an interactive, real-time and web-based visualization of the northern lights that maps NASA satellite data and online experiential data from Flickr and Twitter onto a graphic representation of the earth.

Feb 21 2014

An annual event celebrating fine and performing arts at Cornell with a juried exhibition and reception.

Feb 06 2014

As part of the CCA Biennial 2014, Intimate Cosmologies, Stephanie Rothenberg will discuss a series of her interactive media projects that explore how new technologies are remapping both the body and our global landscape.

Nov 30
Dec 03 2013

A visual art project questioning the nature of the classically grounded self-portrait as it becomes corrupted by digital artmaking techniques.

Nov 18
Nov 29 2013

A collection by Paige Kozak, B.S. '15, challenging the utilization of graphics in apparel and utilizing apparel as a component in graphics.

Nov 14 2013

Part performance and part presentation, "Embodying Meaning" will see alumnus Nathaniel Stern discussing more than a decade of collaborative and solo projects.

Oct 22 2013

Filmmaker Caroline Martel will be joining ondiste Genevieve Grenier for a screening and live musical demonstration of Martel's film, Wavemakers.

Oct 07 2013

Winner of the Golden Nica of the Prix Ars Electronica 2012, a peg-legged artist, philosopher and the father of Bio-Art, Joe Davis will speak at Cornell, followed by a film screening of Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis at Cornell Cinema.  

Oct 04 2013

Critically acclaimed multi-media artist and scholar Coco Fusco and the Johnson Museum will host a related exhibition of her recent video and installation work, as part of the graduate symposium in the history of art titled Movement: The Body and Object in Motion.

Sep 20 2013

Cornell faculty Michael Ashkin, Annie Lewandowski, and former Music lecturer Tim Feeney will be celebrating the release of their DVD Depot/Centralia/Tiber with a live performance and screening at the Cornell’s Johnson Museum of Art.

Sep 15
Sep 19 2013

A short documentary exploring the history of Lavender Hill, a gay and lesbian commune founded in West Danby in 1973, and the rise and fall of commune culture in Tompkins County.

Sep 09
Sep 13 2013

Scientific imaging technologies play a key role of investigating the natural world.

May 03
May 10 2013

The Cornell University Fine Art department presents "Free School," a Cornell MFA exhibition in New York City.

Apr 27 2013

Matilda Ceesay presents "Semblance," imagining a present-day Africa untouched by colonialism.

Apr 27 2013

Brandon Wen's (BS '15) collection Secret J means to expose the coded sexuality and perversion that is in much of the imagery we are accustomed to seeing and believe to be "safe."

Apr 20
Jul 14 2013

The exhibition will showcase geographically and chronologically diverse holdings relative to the motion of looking at hair across cultures, hair as religous significance, gender distinctions between hair, and contemporary commericalization of hair.

Apr 20 2013

The Museum Club hosts a free reception celebrating the annual showcase and the opening of Hair: Untangling Roots of Identity with a variety of student performance groups, art making, refreshments, and more.

Apr 04 2013

The Cornell Cinema Presents Consuming Spirits, a film by animator Chris Sullivan.

Mar 31
Apr 13 2013

Produced by AAP students, ASSOCIATION fosters inter-departmental dialogue that is shared with the Cornell community and network of alumni and professionals.

Mar 29 2013

The Cornell Cinema presents Circle in the Sand, a film by experimental filmmaker and director Michael Robinson.

Mar 28 2013

The Cornell Cinema presents Still Moving: Pilobolus at Forty, directed by Jeff Ruoff.

Mar 07 2013

The Cornell Cinema is presenting An Evening with College Artist/Animator Lewis Klahr, featuring a selection of the college artist/animator's short films.

Mar 01
Mar 05 2013

The Cornell Cinema presents a film by Ben Shapiro on the complex process of acclaimed photographer Gregory Crewdson.

Feb 25
Mar 01 2013

Raja’a Khalid, (MFA ’13), will present "The Persepolis Project", a sculptural exhibition based on the Persepolis celebrations of 1971.

Feb 19 2013

One of the scariest and most influential horror films of all time, with live musical accompaniment on the Sage Chapel organ by Dr. Philip Carli.

Nov 05
Nov 09 2012

Hannah Levy ('13) focuses on the lived experience of spatial domesticity.

Oct 29
Nov 02 2012

An exhibition by Joanna Baucic (BFA '14) exploring childhood experience through a range of media and visual representations.

Sep 24
Oct 18 2012

Huiju Park presents a multi-disciplinary work of apparel design and science research, creating a wet-suit type outfit with incorporated temperature-adjusting functions based on research by apparel designers and fiber scientists.

May 01
May 12 2012

Cornell University’s Department of Art announces its fifth annual M.F.A. Exhibition, at the White Box Gallery, 329 Broome Street in New York. The show runs from May 1 until May 12 with a reception at the gallery May 11 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm.

Apr 28 2012

7PM, Barton Hall Matilda Ceesay, BS '13 candidate in the Department Fiber Science and Apparel Design, will present a line of apparel design inspired by the artist's African heritage. The ten pieces will be constructed from fabrics hand-dyed by women in villages of the Gambia.

Apr 28 2012

7PM, Barton Hall Emily Parkinson, BS '12 candidate in the Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design, will present a line of apparel designs inspired by European wrought iron work - intricately patterned gates, structural iron forms, heavy metal keys and locks, and the interplay between iron pieces and their environments. The designer will create a collection of pieces ranging from garments and jewelry to bags and belts.Wrought iron inspires ANVIL: intricately patterned gates, structural...

Apr 22 2012

Sunday, April 22, 2012 7:15pm Willard Straight TheatreCornell Cinema presents the classic Swedish silent film, Terje Vigen, with live accompaniment by Swedish composer/musician Matti Bye on amplified piano, glockenspiel & electronic devices.Terje Vigen (A Man There Was)Directed by Victor SjöströmWith Victor Sjöström, Edith Erastoff, August FalckVictor Sjöström is known as the father of Swedish film and he ranks among the masters of world cinema. His work had a...

Apr 21 2012

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art The Johnson Museum Club, a student organization associated with the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, will host its annual show featuring student artwork and performances.  Work will include student films, a student-curated exhibition, poetry readings, dance performances, jazz band and a cappella concerts.

Apr 14 2012

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art The History of Art Majors' Society, a student organization at Cornell University, will present its annual student-curated exhibition of selected works from the Museum's collection.  This year's show theme for the exhibition is the concept of space in visual culture and fine arts, inspired by the recent transformations on campus, in particular, the construction of Milstein Hall and the new wing at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.  The group will...

Mar 28
Apr 28 2012


In this exciting series, Cornell Cinema will screen all of Svankmajer's major feature length films, including the Ithaca premiere of his latest, Surviving Life (Theory and Practice) (2010), as well as a collection of shorts. The series was organized in association with curator Irena Kovarova. Additional support provided by the Czech Center New York. Cosponsored at Cornell with the CCA.  All screenings will be in Willard Straight Theatre.  All 35 mm film prints!

Mar 26
Mar 30 2012

Absolute Monarchy – a screen printed installation simulating the Hall of Mirrors from the Palace of Versailles. Corkery’s Hall of Mirrors confounds any comfortingly rational notion of the real. With refreshing wit, the artist renders porous the traditional boundaries between prints and architecture, surface and depth, image and matter.

Mar 05 2012

4:30PM, Willard Straight Theatre Slava Paperno, director of the Russian Language Program and Kathleen Vogel, associate professor, Science & Technology Studies, will present "The Anthrax Diaries," a 30-minute documentary that explores the social and ethical context of weapon-making. The film explores the research and development of biological weapons in the Soviet Union. It focuses in particular on some of the ways in which the lives of the scientists, who had been trained as...

Feb 19
Mar 03 2012

Hartell Gallery Cornell University Sustainable Design team will present an exhibition of images, documentation, videos and a publication showcasing the planning, organizing, design and construction of its 2010-11 project, Schoolhouse South Africa. 35 students conducted critical research on the context of child development centers and teaching facilities in Cosmo City, Johannesburg, South Africa. 29 students traveled to South Africa for a three-month construction project and worked alongside...

Feb 03 2012

Goldwin Smith Hall Fanclub Collective will host Andrea Fraser, professor of New Genres in the Department of Visual Art at University of California Los Angeles. Ms Fraser's work has been identified with performance, video, context art and institutional critique, and she has presented installations internationally, and contributed essays and performance scripts to various art publications. Ms Fraser will give a lecture / performance and visit studios of several graduate and undergraduate...

Nov 15 2011

7:15PM, Willard Straight Theatre, Cornell Cinema Filmscreening with introduction by program curator and filmmaker Michael Robinson. Built from appropriated imagery, and considering the ways by which our aspirations can get caught up in machines, these three films deconstruct both the mechanics of sentiment and the myths of progress. Composed entirely of YouTube and LiveLeak clips, Jennifer Proctor's A Movie is a poignant shot-for-shot remake of Bruce Conner's classic 1958 found-footage film...

Nov 04 2011

5PM, Installation Opening, Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall Ian Janicki and Daniel Marino, Bachelors of Architecture '12 candidates, will design and fabricate four sculptural pieces constructed from laminate wood, plastic, felt and fiberglass, using methods of pleating and folding a single material. An installation of the work will include drawings and models to illustrate process, as well as the final pieces. This project is a collaboration between Janicki, Marino and Engineering undergraduate...

Nov 04
Nov 05 2011

Willard Straight Theatre Alloy Orchestra Live Accompaniment Cornell Cinema: The Alloy Orchestra has been creating original scores for restored silent films since the early ‘90s and have emerged as the best, and best-known, silent film accompanists in the world, each year premiering their latest work at the prestigious Telluride Film Festival. November 4, 7:15 PM  Man With a Movie Camera (1929) Dziga Vertov’s city symphony is a masterpiece of Soviet avant-garde cinema filled...

Oct 24
Oct 28 2011

Tjaden Gallery, Olive Tjaden Hall Opening reception: October 26, 5 - 7PM Installation by College Scholar Meredith Gudesblatt (BA'12), College of Arts and Sciences. Photographs and analytic text examining the spatial remnants of collective memory in Buenos Aires. Gudesblatt created this photography exhibition to raise awareness and create dialogue about the nature of collective memory, specifically as it pertains to Buenos Aires and the lingering vestiges of the last military dictatorship...

Oct 18 2011

7:15PM, Willard Straight Theatre Cornell Cinema: Filmscreening with introduction by program curator and filmmaker Michael Robinson These six short works of ecological strangeness use radical cinematic forms to question mankind's relationship to the natural world, the longevity of the planet, and existence itself.  Ben Rivers's Origin of the Species documents the home and handiwork of a Scottish hermit obsessed with Darwin's seminal text, while a home-gardening TV program mutates into a...

Oct 14 2011

Statler Auditorium Concert organized by ASHA of Hindustani music with Indian classical musician, flutist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, accompanied by Subhankar Banerjee on tabla, Shymala Rajender on tanpura and Jay Gandhi on flute.  ASHA is a student organization whose mission is to catalyze socio-economic change in India through the education of underprivileged children. 

Oct 12 2011

7:15PM, Willard Straight Theatre An Evening with Acclaimed Experimental Filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky “There is the world that we see, and then there is the world that artists like Mr. Dorsky see and generously share." (NY Times) Named the top avant garde filmmaker of the 2000s in a 2010 poll conducted by Film Comment magazine, Nathaniel Dorsky's stunning films combine Stan Brakhage's abstract lyric and Warren Sonbert's refined montage, and yet stand as their own wholly personal works,...

Oct 03
Oct 14 2011

Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall Exhibition: October 3- 14 October 6: Live Event  12-2PM; Opening Reception  5-7PM Crowd Sourced Condo is a multimedia installation by Stephanie Owens, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Cornell, that juxtaposes real space and information space through the creation of a real-time interface between Ithaca, New York and New Delhi, India. The project is a collaboration between Owens and Amitesh Grover, performer and new media artist....

May 16 2011

HEB Gallery, Martha Van Renselaer Hall An exhibition of Cornell's New 'Community Building through Community Buildings' initiative, organized by Jack Elliott, Associate Professor in the Department of Design + Environmental Analysis.  This project is a collaboration between Cornell students and the Punta Canta Ecological Foundation and other host Dominican Republic organizations and stakeholders.  The students participated in a design / build project in the settlement of Veron, to...

May 12 2011

10AM, Fine Arts Library, 261B, Sibley Hall "re-public is a beautiful word" -- project by Stephanie Owens (Ithaca/USA) with Amitesh Grover (Delhi/India).  A real-time network event that re-imagines the global news media's view of "the people" in light of recent uprisings in the Middle East. The event takes form as a live, interactive exchange between people in Ithaca and people in a populous corner of Delhi, India. Together, using both the streets of India and the book...

May 08
May 22 2011

25 Central Park West, NYC This group exhibition will reflect the diversity of practices that characterize the Cornell MFA program–installation, new media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. MFA writing students will hold a reading one evening during the exhibition. The exhibition organizers consist of all eleven graduate students (Robert Andrade, Piotr Chizinski, Amie Cunat, Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Gabriela Jimenez, Daren Kendall, Baseera Khan, Ruth Oppenheim, Benjamin...

May 05
Jun 30 2011

Mann Library Gallery, 2nd floor; July 2011 Gimme Coffee! Green Street, Ithaca, NY Exhibition of large format images by Marc Miller, lecturer, Landscape Architecture, Cornell Photoraphy project exploring the relationship between digital images and landscape representation and motion. The project breaks from the conventional static images of landscape long established in the realm of painting, now emulated in conventional photography. By using open source software and a high-resolution web...

Apr 25
Apr 29 2011

Hartell Gallery Closing reception: April 29, 5-7PM The result of a yearlong collaboration between Stephanie DeGooyer and Maegan Magathan, "Chairs of Berlin" presents hundreds of snapshots of chairs taken on the streets of Berlin using disposable cameras with expired film. Arranged according to the grid of a tourist's map, these photographs are accompanied by a footnote containing personal notes (some pertaining to the collaborators’ own frustrated attempts to capture the...

Apr 11
Apr 22 2011

Hartell Gallery Parallel Utopias will analyze, document and exhibit the dystopic status of North and South Korea through critical interpretations of spatial conditions to propose divergent urban and architectural scenarios of an immanent reunified future. The objective is to amalgamate the architectural consequences of the propaganda machine deployed by North and South Korea to investigate the language of utopian dreams purported through the architectural apparatus. The exhibit will be...

Apr 03
Apr 09 2011

Tjaden Gallery Jennifer Gioffre uses principles of physics and mathematics to create an image that explores the camera’s variable perceptions and the limitations of the human eye and its perception. A single montage is created from a collection of images using different focal length lenses.  The control (like the control in an experiment) within the final image is achieved by photographing a scene while keeping the subject the same magnification percentage in each individual image....

Apr 01 2011

Filmscreening / TBA Spring 2011 Cornell + various media outlets including PBS / HBO Shot clandestinely over a 2-year period by a best-selling novelist and filmmaker who needs to remain anonymous, this film provides a rare look at the second most isolated country on the planet. It lifts the curtain to expose the everyday life in a country that has been held in the iron grip of a brutal military regime for 48 years. This unique feature length documentary, culled from over 100 hours of...

Mar 28
Apr 01 2011

Tjaden Gallery An installation by Lindsey Glover, staff member, Department of Art, MFA Cornell '08 Video projection of footage culminated from Glover's residency program at UCross Foundation, Wyoming, in response to the landscape and terrain.  Footage was collected in a forest located in the Geyser Basin region of Yellowstone National Park.  This series of video projections will be reinterpreted and specifically designed for the gallery space, to be viewed as layers as they relate...

Mar 25
Apr 03 2011

Winkleman Gallery, 621 W. 27th Street, Chelsea, New York An archival exhibition of images collected from over 100 artists, that gives prominence to objects, imagery, fragments of text, quotes, that may reveal no direct connection to these artists' practice, but possess an engimatci, resonant meaning. The exhibition is a collaborative work organized by Workshop G: Mike Ashkin, professor of art at Cornell, artist Leslie Brack of Ithaca, NY, and Brooklyn, and Joshua Geldzahler, Cornell...

Mar 10
Mar 14 2011

Lincoln Hall, Barnes Hall, Anabel Taylor Chapel A four day festival will be held in order to celebrate the completion of Cornell's new baroque organ in Anabel Taylor Chapel in March. The festival will feature 18th century keyboard music in all its guises, ranging across many different keyboard instruments and repertoires. The festival will also include discussion panels on the aesthetic and political issues of cultural reconstruction in Germany today such as material culture, handcraft and the...

Mar 07
Mar 11 2011

Olive Tjaden Gallery Reception: Thursday, March 10, 2011, 5-7PM Danielle Mericle presents a photographs of Cornell's collection of plaster casts.  The casts originally functioned as a teaching tool in the late 19th century, but became obsolete in the early 20th century as professors turned to photography to illustrate their lectures.  The overriding sentiment was that the casts, as copies, were no longer of value.  Most of them are now in a warehouse on the outskirts of Ithaca,...

Mar 02
Apr 08 2011

Cornell Cinema presents a series of films exploring the connections between cars and culture in several cities around the world. The series is in conjunction with Cornell's exhibition "Unpacking the Nano: The Price of the World's Most Affordable Car" (January 18 - March 21, 2011, HF Johnson Museum of Art), and symposium (March 10 -11, 2011). FILM SCHEDULE: February 22, 7:00 PM: A Different Path with visiting filmmaker Monteith McCollum, Schwartz Center for the...

Mar 01 2011

Hartell Gallery / Spring 2011 Akshay Mehra (BARCH '11) presents the exhibition PAST FUTURES, an exploration of the technologies that welcomed in a brave new world and helped define the modern era - artifacts of high technology, already outdated and yet still objects of quintessential design.  The Cold War era saw the rise of a new future, led by an arms race that had awesome technological repercussions.  The atmosphere ceased to be a barrier as man first broke free of...

Mar 01 2011

Spring 2011 Nicholas Knouf presents SYNGVAA, a responsive sculptural installation consisting of organic and machine parts that react to gallery visitors.  Working within the tradition of Fluxist assemblages, syngvaa encourages ephemeral, playful, participatory performances.  syngvaa's movements occur in response to non-speech vocal sounds by the participants, enabling people to explore other forms of vocal expression within a protective space. syngvaa exists in the medium of robotic...

Feb 16 2011

Internationally acclaimed animator Bill Plympton will conduct a master class and introduce his latest feature film, IDIOTS & ANGELS, and short film, THE COW WHO WANTED TO BE A HAMBURGER.  MASTER CLASS: February 16, 6:00 - 7:30PM, Film Forum, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, Collegetown, Ithaca, NY.  Plympton will discuss the artistic (design, layouts, storyboards, writing, editing, etc.) and business (budgets, funding, festivals, etc.) sides of animation,...

Feb 04 2011

Willard Straight Theatre, 7:30 PM Spark of Being is a meditation on contemporary art, technology, and other themes through the lens of the Frankenstein story, from jazz trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas and experimental video and film artist Bill Morrison. The multimedia production combines the screening of the film, Spark of Being by Morrison--consisting of new, archival, and distressed footage--with an original score by Douglas written for and performed by his electric band Keystone. Click...

Jan 22
Mar 20 2011

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Exhibition celebrates the 75th anniversary of the American Abstract Artists (AAA) formed in New York in 1936 and still going strong. Founding members included Josef Albers, Ilya Bolotowsky, Byron Browne, Burgoyne Diller, Werner Drewes, Susie Frelinghuysen, Balcomb and Gertrude Greene, Ibram Lassaw, Anne Trumball Mason, George McNeil, George L.K. Morris, and many other important initiators in the Abstract art movement. At 75, AAA numbers over 100 members. This...

Nov 15
Nov 19 2010

Tjaden Gallery; Public Opening: November 19, 5:15PM Out of the Landscape and Back In: Documentation of Two Recent Projects by Chris Oliver Photographs documenting two projects PATH SHED, and DODGE 100 HISTORIC RECREATION SITE.  PATH SHED, is a small wooden structure built around a section of forest to explore the dynamic relationship and struggle between the built environment and natural world.  The visitor will walk through the forest, down the path and encounter the building...

Nov 15
Nov 26 2010

Hartell Gallery Collaborative Exhibition + Readings by MFA students Lecture by James Trainor: November 15, 2010, 5:15PM Exhibition, catalogue, readings exploring the concept of Local Poetics / Global Aesthetics.  Events are organized by The Graduate Artist's Group and MFA students in Creative Writing and Department of Art.  In conjunction with the exhibition, James Trainor, former US editor of Frieze, and a regular contributor to Artforum, Art in America, an...

Nov 15 2010

6:30 PM, Hartell Gallery "Framing Wilderness, Finding the Center of the World, and the Sublime in a Rearview Mirror." James Trainor, former US editor of Frieze, and a regular contributor to Artforum, Art in America, Cabinet, will give a lecture in the gallery space about his recent writings on geography and art. In conjunction with Cafe Unmooring, a collaborative exhibition in Hartell Gallery, November 15-26, 2010. The project is a lecture/workshop and exhibition collaboratoin...

Nov 14 2010

Barnes Hall,  3pm In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Robert Schumann's birth, the Cornell Chamber Orchestra in collaboration with Professor Judith Kellock and other local singers will present a concert featuring orchestrations of Robert Schumann's songs for voice and piano.

Oct 07 2010

5PM, Africana Studies Research Center Exhibition and lecture by master printer Phil Sanders, Director, The Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop, NYC. Artist Statement: "My current body of work is an exploration of the mythology of the artist in western culture. It takes the form of sculptures, multiples, books and mixed media drawings based on Greek myths, concrete poetry, art music, neo-dada, and pop art.  At present, I am working on a three-volume artist book, THE STAGE,...

Sep 24 2010

Cornell Cinema. 7:30 PM, Willard Straight Theatre Filmscreening of animator, artist, musician Brent Green's feature length stop-motion film, Gravity Was Everywhere Back Then, with live music by Brent Green and members of the legendary rock band Fugazi. Green's collaborator and actress in the film, Donna Kozloski, will participate in the Q&A post screening. Trailer for the film Cornell Cinema schedule Tickets at

Sep 19
Oct 31 2010

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Exhibition of large-scale prints by Julie Mehretu, printmaker. The exhibition will feature some of the most outstanding examples of Ms Mehretu's work of contemporary prints, and demonstrate the most current range of practices in the print world, including traditional forms, engraving, lithography, intaglio, silkscreen and digital manipulation. Lecture / discussion with Mehretu and Lawrence Chua, writer, History of Architecture Ph.D. candidate, Cornell. Date of...

Sep 09 2010

Reception for the Dharma Bums: Project Installation by Jia Aili John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Dome, 5-7PM  The exhibition will be on display until Friday, September 17 in John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Dome.   About the artist: Living and working in Beijing, Aili narrates private moods rather than public events of modern day China. His intense and emotionally charged work reflects the individual's vulnerability in a rapidly changing society.   “In my fantasies I often...

Aug 12
Oct 17 2010

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art  This unprecedented exhibition features contemporary artists from the Middle East, Central Asia, and its diasporas, whose works use different methods of translation. Encompassing a variety of media and artistic strategies, the exhibition examines the different ways that artists engage with people, objects, images, and ideas traveling across geographic spaces, media forms, histories, and personal contexts. Tarjama/Translation treats the multiple processes of...

Jul 01 2010

Bridget Saracino, theatre arts major and BA '11 candidate, received the Edward M. Murray Committee on the Arts Scholarship in October 2010. The Scholarship was established in 2000 by the Cornell University Council Committee on the Arts (COA), to raise awareness of Cornell's arts programs and increase the visibility of its cultural activities and resources. The scholarship is awarded annually to an enrolled Cornell University undergraduate student majoring in arts and culture-related ...

Jun 30
Aug 31 2010

Lecture: June 30, 2010, 6PM Installation: July - August 2010 / Tompkins County Public Library, Ithaca "The Seat Against Loneliness" bench, is a project by Wilka Roig, artist, Visiting Fellow, Department of Art. Members of the community are invited to talk with artist Wilka Roig about loneliness and contribute to the traveling art project. Together they are building an exhibition directly imbued with meaning based on a shared experience through art...

May 14 2010

Cornell Cinema + Willard Straight Art Gallery, Dates TBA Darren Floyd, Artist-In-Residence, Risley Residential College, Cornell University, 2009-2010 A series of 16mm film portraits of Cornell University agriculture scientists in their labratories and Ithaca area farmers/ranchers on their farms.  The series examines the complex debates happening around recent social shifts in our understanding of food science and production. Floyd's iinterest as an artist is in the form of the motion...

May 14 2010

Darren Floyd, Artist-In-Residence, Risley Residential College, Cornell University, 2009-2010 Film screening / lecture / presentations.  Dates TBA What is the current state of portraiture? Were Warhol's Screen Tests the beginning of motion portraiture or the end of it? Are artists working to extend the history of the portrait into film, video, motion graphics and game design?   Darren Floyd will survey current motion portraiture and self-portraiture through an Open Call. ...

May 05 2010

4:30 PM, 461 Kennedy Hall Maureen Bolton (MLA '10) and Rachel Kunreuther (MLA '10), will give a lecture on the planning and construction of PLAYSOUND PLAYGROUND, a sound-themed playground installed at the Ithaca Children's Garden in Ithaca, NY. The installation was funded in part by a grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts

May 04 2010

5:15 PM, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Ashkin's work involves the complex issues related to landscape, especially marginalized industrial wastelands.  It has been shown widely nationally and internationally, including in Documenta 11 in 2002 and the Whitney Biennial in 1997. Most recently his work was the subject of a solo show at Secession in Vienna. The exhibition Michael Ashkin is a celebration of the artist's 2009 fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, and...

Apr 22 2010

12:00 - 1:00 PM, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Visiting lecturer in the Department of Art, Anthony Graves, essayist for the recent SECESSION exhibition catalogue, will lead a tour of the exhibition titled, MICHAEL ASHKIN, on view from April 3 - July 11, 2010, at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. Free and open to the public EXHIBITION: MICHAEL ASHKIN Michael Ashkin's signature works from the 1990s reflect his interest in issues related to landscape, especially marginalized...

Apr 16 2010

4:30 PM, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art JAMES SIENA, painter, BFA '79 / New York Artist talk followed by presentation of the Cornell Eissner Artist of the Year Award.  Siena will discuss his professional life as an artist, his time at Cornell as an undergraduate, and his thoughts on the current art world. The events are presented by the Cornell Council for the Arts, the Cornell Committee on the Arts, and the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art.  Mr. Siena was nominated for the...

Apr 10
Jul 18 2010

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art The History of Art Majors’ Society will explore the “classical” and “grotesque” in visual culture and fine art over a wide historical and geographical breadth, unpacking these terms as stylistic and formal qualities, theoretical tropes, and socio-political tools and texts. Through a careful selection of works from the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art's permanent collection, the Society will juxtapose the “classical” and...

Apr 03
Jul 11 2010

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art An exhibition of two projects by Michael Ashkin, assistant professor of art, Cornell Cardboard city, “Untitled (where each new sunrise promises only the continuation of yesterday).” This city, is made entirely of found cardboard and will cover approximately 1000 square feet at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, and represent nearly one linear mile in miniature scale. A conceptual component of this work is that its method of construction balance...

Mar 29
Apr 02 2010

Tjaden Gallery / Reception Apr 1, 5PM Exhibition by Anthony Graves, visiting lecturer, Department of Art, Cornell, artist + curator SMALL CRAFTS consists of two new works using digital photography, sculpture, and cinematic convention to recontextualize existing sites of value production and display into a mise-en-scène of speculative dreams deferred. The installation carries the sad tale of the raft of the Méduse as told by its surgeon, Henri Savigny, placing his story of...

Mar 13 2010

Cornell Design League Fashion Show: 7PM, Barton Hall ABBEY RACHEL by Abbey Liebman (BS '10, Apparel Design) Silk painting with focus on the South West images of desert and rock formations will inspire the 9 piece line. For more information:

Mar 13 2010

Cornell Design League Fashion Show: 7PM, Barton Hall SHRED OF HER FORMER SELF by Nhu-Thu Nguyen (BA '11 candidate, Apparel Design) A collection of 5 pieces constructed from shredded, distressed, and surface-modified fabrics, to be re-constructed into wearable art.  For more information:

Mar 11 2010

5:15 PM, H.F. Johnson Museum of Art In conjunction with exhibition The Image Wrought artist France Scully Osterman visits campus to speak about her work in an artist talk titled, "Serendipity and Exquisite Manipulation," and offer a wet-collodion workshop for Cornell students.  Osterman is photographer, teacher and guest scholar at the George Eastman House. The exhibition (January 30 - March 28, 2010), examines the paradox of contemporary photographers embracing archaic...

Mar 02
Mar 12 2010

Mann Library Gallery [re] order explores two extremely different visions of nature and order. These visions are taken on by two Landscape Architecture student artists who [re]interpreted certain events seen in nature and converted them to art. aloe [poly]flection–art installation by I. Maria Calderon (BA '10), probes the elemental compositi on of the Aloe polyphyla plant, its generative patterning, skeletal framework and perseverance of the Fibonacci Sequence as a basis for...

Feb 11 2010

February 11, 2010, 12:00 - 1:00 PM, Andrea Inselmann, curator of contemporary art, H.F. Johnson Museum of Art, will lead a discussion on the exhibition JAMES SIENA: FROM THE STUDIO JAMES SIENA, BFA '79, has been named the 2009 - 2010 Cornell University Eissner Artist of the Year Award recipient by the Cornell Council for the Arts and Committee on the Arts of the University Council Office.  Mr. Siena will return to campus to meet with students, receive the artist  award, give a...

Feb 02 2010

Fall 2009 / Spring 2010 Collaborating with the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance, and local documentary film producer, Sue Perlgut, the archive will introduce video records to the documentation of feminist histories.  The portraits will include practitioners as well as scholars, many of whom are retired or on the verge of retirement. For more information on times / program visit Theatre, Film & Dance website VIDEO: close to home productions / trailer

Jan 18 2010

Nicole Castelli, apparel design major and BS '10 candidate, received the Edward M. Murray Committee on the Arts Scholarship in January 2010. The Scholarship was established in 2000 by the Cornell University Council Committee on the Arts (COA), to raise awareness of Cornell's arts programs and increase the visibility of its cultural activities and resources. The scholarship is awarded annually to an enrolled Cornell University undergraduate student majoring in arts and culture-related programs,...

Nov 06 2009

7PM Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre Filmscreening: DWANDO (Conflict), with visiting artist Suman Ghosh (Ph.D '02), screenwriter and film director. Ghosh is a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University, and screenwriter and film director in India.  He produced his first film, an award-winning documentary AMARTYA SEN: A LIFE REEXAMINED, following receiving his PhD in economics from Cornell in 2002.  He also wrote and directed feature films PODOKKHEP,...

Nov 05 2009

12PM, 374 Rockefeller Hall Filmscreening: AMARTYA SEN (Footsteps) with visiting artist Suman Ghosh (Ph.D '02), screenwriter and film director. This film includes interviews with Sen and internationally-known economists including Kaushik Basu, professor / chair of economics, Cornell, and C. Marks, professor of International Studies, Cornell. Ghosh is a professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University, and screenwriter and film director in India.  His most recent film, DWANDO,...

Nov 01 2009

November / Location TBA Installation by I. Maria Calderon (BA '10, Landscape Arch.), built from foldable sequence of pyramids to exagerate the three dimensional qualities of the aloe plant. The light weight structural material (chipboardboard + spray paint and aluminum) allowed for most of this sculpture to be transported in a suitcase from Guatemala to Ithaca.

Oct 30 2009

9am - 12pm Tjaden Hall Printmaking Studio Monotype Workshop with printmaker James Stroud, proprietor of Center Street Studios in Boston. Stroud's work will be on display as he conducts a half-day workshop in Tjaden Hall. His current projects involve highly charged oversize monotypes by the German artist Marcus Linnenbrinker forging a new language in working a print. A traveling exhibit is currently on view in Boston of works from his studio. James Stroud Studio

Oct 17
Jan 31 2009

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Video installations by Omer Fast.  Fast relates two very distinct industries - mortuary services and fashion photography - by emphasizing their involvement in the construction of images.  Looking Pretty for God overlays footage from a fictional photo shoot with actual interviews with funeral directors.

Sep 12 2009

7PM Hartell Gallery Savinien Caracostea presents a 20 minute film taking place at a house in the middle of the woods.  "It is night and it has been foreseen that in a matter of hours a meteorite will collide with the earth in the vicinity of the house.  There are five people waiting; they are both anxious and excited, but this unusual occurrence is stirring their deepest feelings, as the end might come soon." METEOROID attempts to awake a lost enchantment of the world...

Sep 06
Sep 18 2009

Willard Straight Gallery George Cannon, artist, gallery preparator, H.F. Johnson Museum, presents Evolution: Contemporary, Abstract Digital Photography, a show of framed Giclee prints.  The images appeal by way of spatial arrangements, color and graphic interest, texture and tonal gradation, and layering.

Sep 04
Sep 05 2009

Tjaden Gallery Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi, with Feng Boyi, critic, and Chen Fang, Director of the Fang Yin Gallery, Beijing. Artists Wu Jianjun and Zhao Nengzhi represent a new generation of Chinese artists whose work is committed to sensational figuration.  A turn away from figurative representation association with metaphor and symbolism, this attitude represents a break from Chinese socialist and poetic traditions of figurations.   Curator Feng Boyi is known in China as...

Apr 04 2009

This program features Tara Cooper's Until the Lake Froze Solid.  The recurring murmurings of regret, coupled with the resolve to survive, and the wetness of a frozen lake form the spine of the piece.  The poetic narrative is by Autumn Watts (Cornell MFA, 2006) and the drawings and animation by Tara Cooper (MFA, 2008).

Jun 11
Jun 27 2008

Hartell Gallery / Exhibition of landscape photography by Jessica Evett-Miller A mapping project with work by fine art aerial photographer Alex MacLean, BETWEEN THE LINES reveals the wider spatial order of Central New York State first laid out in 1790. During the past two hundred years these original survey lines have evolved into roads, field and property boundaries, tree lines, and other material forms that dictate, for good or ill, New York’s ecological and sociological...

Feb 02 2008

Featuring a screening of Buster Keaton's silent comedy Battling Butler with live musical accompaniment by the BQE Project, a seven-person ensemble that will be performing an original score by composer/conductor Tom Nazziola. Screening starts at 9am, following a reception with complimentary hors d'oeuvres and desserts, cash bar, and lovely door prizes.

Dec 08 2007

Cornell Cinema presents the 1922 silent film classic "Robin Hood" with live performance by early music quartet Hesperus as part of the IthaKid Film Fest. Cornell Cinema / Robin Hood with Hesperus

Apr 06 2007

A DOCUMENTARY PORTRAIT OF PHOTOGRAPHER SALLY MANN BY FILMMAKER STEVEN CANTOR What Remains is a stunning portrait of a national treasure. Sally Mann has been described as 'America's greatest photographer’ and this richly textured film serves to re-inforce the claim. Spanning five years, Cantor's film contains unbridled access to the many stages of Mann's work. What Remains is a rare glimpse of an eloquent and brilliant artist." (Lisa Viola, Sundance Film Festival).  With live...

Feb 01 2007

Syau-Cheng Lai: Painting exhibition and piano performance. Concert: February 2007, Barnes Hall Exhibition: February 2007, Tjaden Gallery  

Jan 20
Mar 18 2007

H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Gu Wenda exhibits a site-specific installation of his "Forest of Stone Steles: Re-Translation and Re-writing of Tang Poetry."

Apr 01 2006

Awkward is an artistic student lifestyle publication produced semiannually. Each issue uniquely and thematically addresses matters that fictionally or non-fictionally relate to Cornell undergraduate campus life through various sensual means--including but not limited to physical, visual, and literary expressions. Issue #7 will deal with the issue of identity.

Feb 01
Feb 11 2006

Neal Freeman '97, has accomplished something rare: He has supported himself in the theater as a director, actor and playwright since graduating from Cornell in 1997. He is now back on campus to direct the regional premiere of "Vincent in Brixton," a play based on Vincent Van Gogh's years in England. Black Box Theatre, Center for the Performing Arts, Cornell. Cornell Chronicle Jan06  

Dec 01 2005

Film by Zach Jones, exploring the topic of loss and human absence through the documentation of his grandmother, who is living with blindness. Project for FILM 477, presented at Intermediate Film Course Screening

Dec 01 2005

Video documentary based on footage and photographs from the April 2004 activist / educational event at Cornell University, Liberty and Justice for All.

Nov 01 2005

EXHIBITION: WILL BOYS BE BOYS? QUESTIONING ADOLESCENT MASCULINITY IN CONTEMPORARY ART. November 2005 - January 2006. H.F. Johnson Museum of Art Works by nineteen artists or artist teams ranging from paintings, photographs, sculpture, to installation pieces and video. Curated by Shamim Momin, associate curator, Whitney Museum of American Art.

Oct 02 2005

Deconstruction of traditional photography and commercial artist studio work

Jul 01 2005

Bill Staffeld exhibits transparencies from the 1970s viewed as light sculpture. Hartell Gallery

Apr 16 2005

The Museum Club is organizing the 9th Annual Student Art Showcase. This program is designed to bring students from all colleges and departments together on a basis of shared interest in artistic expression. Exhibition (featuring live music, poetry, dance, and visual art): April 16, 1-4 p.m. Visual work will remain on display through April 17

Apr 14 2005

Cornell Design League fashion show. Independent fashion show featuring collections from Cornell students ranging from couture to ready-to-wear.

Apr 07 2005

Exhibitions of paintings, prints and sculpture from the H.F. Johnson Museum's collection of photorealist art and loans from private donors and others. Lecture by Anthony Brunelli, visiting artist: Apr 7, 5:15 PM, H.F. Johnson Museum of Art

Feb 28
Mar 04 2005

Heidi Tinnes exhibits a series of large sculptural objects that engage the theme of organic change.

Feb 01 2005

"Born Into Brothels" by Ross Kauffman and Zana Briski "Hiding and Seeking: Faith and Tolerance after the Holocaust" by Menachem Daum and Oren Rudavsky "The Blonds (Los Rubios)" by Albertina Carri

Jan 22
Mar 20 2005

Works by artists using everyday materials and objects.

Jan 15 2005

A salon-style installation of Elana Herzog's "deconstructed carpets." January 15 - March 27, 2005. H.F. Johnson Museum of Art

Sep 12 2004

Exhibition of Cuban movie posters designed by Cuban graphic artists during the 1960s and 1970s. Hartell Gallery

Aug 01 2004

By Jenifer Wightman. Installation of pigmented bacteria illustrating transforming colorfield.

Apr 05
Apr 10 2004

Series of five paintings by Shu-Fang Liu representing abstract spatial relationships and architectural spatial sequence. Also featuring Corning Museum of Glass and additional works.

Apr 03
Jun 13 2004

Contemporary Taiwanese Art in the Era of Contention Exhibition curated by An-Yi Pan, assistant professor of art history, Cornell University. Exhibition examines contemporary Taiwanese visual culture through the lenses of political identity and historical memory. Symposium with leading scholars on contemporary Chinese art and post-modern cultural theories from Taiwan & U.S. explores topics integral to the exhibition. Part of the "Art & Politics/Politics & Art"...

Apr 01
Jun 01 2004

Reflecting on Tianjin's 600 years of urban and social history. Exhibition of 90-110 objects from collections covering Tianjin's years between 1880-1950.

Feb 28
Mar 13 2004

Exhibition of multi-media photographs by Anne Massoni, Individual Artist.

Feb 22
Feb 28 2004

Photography exhibition by Nicola Kountoupes. Photo essay documentary of close-up portraits of the artist's grandmother.

Jan 25
Jan 30 2004

Photography exhibition by Stafford Smith. Greek-mythology-themed portraits investigating the identity of men and the acquisition of "stuff."

Jan 01
Mar 01 2004

Eight films from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Krygyzstan and Tadjikistan. MY BROTHER SILK ROAD and THE FLY-UP by Marat Sarulu, Kyrgyzstan / Kazakhstan  MARTIN SCORSESE PRESENTS: THE FALL OF OTRAR by Ardak Amirkulov, Kazakhstan MAN FOLLOWS BIRDS by Ali Khamraev, Uzbekistan THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAW by Khodjakuli Narliev, Turkmenistan TENDERNESS by Elyer Ishmukhamedov, Uzbekistan KAIRAT by Darezhan Omirbaev, Kazakhstan (preceeded by JULY / SCHILDE by Darezhan Omirbaev,...

Nov 01
Nov 07 2003

Photography exhibition of self-portraits documenting place of emotion and identity over time. By Wilka Roig, Individual Artist.

Oct 23 2003

Performance by Timothy "Speed" Levitch. Three-part expression.

Oct 03
Oct 09 2003

Art and activism: the best environmentally-themed films from around the world. Visiting Filmmakers: Franny Armstrong (Drowned Out) / Lucia Small (My Father the Genius) / Dave Eckert (Reclaiming our Water) / Ana Vivas (The Blood of the Earth).

Mar 26 2003

Lecture by Peter Eisenman ('54), architect, Eissner Artist of the Year Award recipient

Mar 22
Mar 29 2003

Exhibition by Scott Pitek (B.Arch '03), 2002-03 Undergraduate Artist Award winner. "MVMT: Re-Presents," March 22-29, 2003, Tjaden Gallery. An opening reception is scheduled for March 25, 7:30 PM. 

Feb 07 2003

Camilo Jose Vergara, photographer, situates major contemporary urban themes in photography that chronicles the American City, the Ghetto, the Barrio, and the marginal spaces of the American urban landscape.  He is co-author of Silent Cities: The Evolution of the American Cemetery, the author of American Ruins and The New American Ghetto.  This exhibition of over 200 photographs chroniciling the American Ghetto included work from Vergara's original book as well as anew work not shown...

Sep 12 2002

Xu Bing's art investigates the creation of language, how it is learned, the barriers and structures it creates, and the meaning and non-meaning of the written word. At the Johnson Museum, he created a new work exploring the transformation of English letters into pictorial words through 300 cutout birds in various forms: English, Chinese scripts, and New English Calligraphy - Xu Bing's invented written language. In this work, he further develops ideas he explored in a work for the...

Apr 29
May 01 2002

Erin Bullock presented mixed-media collages using photographs of Australian landscapes and people.  The search for the real Australia, in the cultural and physical landscape was expressed using color photography incorporated in a non-traditional manner with collages and mixed-media pieces, including text, advertisements, found objects, and paint.

Mar 18
Mar 22 2002

Linda Price presented a series of paintings about an imagined journey through landscapes of a kind of Wonderland.  A pair of antique shoe lasts took on the journey.  Their adventures introduced them to fellow travelers and forgotten objects lost long ago, creating a history embedded in paint.

Mar 15
Mar 17 2002

Laura Taylor presented a collection of paintings depicting the life-cycle of apple trees. Paintings were botanical, thus rendered with close attention to anatomical accuracy, with the added goal of capturing the drama and beauty of the plant in every season.  Images were created as portraits, up close and in detail.

Mar 09
Mar 15 2002

Edward Jones presented black and white photographic images taken in Nigeria exploring the issue of nutrition/hypertension in people of African descent. Images were exclusively portraits showing human expression in the face and the human figure itself integrating passions in photograph and in the area of nutrition.

Mar 04
Mar 08 2002

Jennifer Borel, Wendy Kenigsberg, & Mariah Sawyer Art exhibition spotlighting three Cornell staff members.  Jenniffer Borel created mosaic tile panels depicting human figures with exaggerated displays of emotion.  Wendy Kenigsberg's project, "Fire, Water, Air and Earth," consisted of a series of collages made of assorted media images sewn together to represent each of the four elements.  Mariah Sawyer developed a piece entitled "Revealing the Internal...

Oct 21
Oct 25 2001

Hartell Gallery, and Tjaden Gallery The Latin American Studies Program and the Chilean Association presented a contemporary Chilean Art Exhibit entitled Sudamericanrockers, featuring the work of Diego Fernandez, Cristobal Lehyt, Ivan Navarro, Filipe Mujica and Johanna Unzueta.

Apr 28 2001

Ritwak Ghatak (1925-1976) is considered one of India's greatest directors along with Satyajit Ray, although Ghatak's films have never been distributed in the United States. The Cornell Cinema has presented three of his little known masterworks (a loose trilogy) which were touring the country from the British Film Institute. In addition, contemporary Indian filmmaker Mani Kaul, who studied with Ghatak and has taught at Harvard, gave a talk and introduction about the filmmaker and two of the...

Apr 24 2001

The South Asia Program presented an evening of North Indian classical music with vocalist Santanu Banerjee.

Feb 26
Mar 11 2001

In May 2000 the Council for the Arts awarded Ifeoma N. Ebo ('02), an architecture student, a grant for a photography project that supported a photographic journey through West Africa. In summer of 2000, she traveled to Ghana and Nigeria to photograph the people and their cultural activities, aesthetics, and traditional architecture. Exibited with Ebo were Daulah Scruggs, an African American artist presenting sculptural works expressing the history and struggle of her African ancestors, and...