2022 Cornell Biennial

Curated by Timothy Murray

How might art activate empowering futurities under the troubling weight of climate change, global pandemic, racial trauma, political insecurity, social injustice, challenged women’s and sexual rights, effaced indigenous histories?

Inviting celebratory imaginations and enactments of “Futurities, Uncertain,” the 2022 Cornell Biennial seeks an artistic call and response to counter singular utopic models, colonial visions, and socio-cultural sameness. How might artistic imaginaries stage the potential of multiple futurities, thus rendering uncertain the confidence of the colonial past and the multinational present? Inspired by global artistic response to technological and biopolitical hegemony, artistic futurities imagine cultural transformation in its plenitude. An exchange of artistic projects across the disciplines might animate the future differently: Future Cinema, Future Cities, Afrofuturism, ecological activism, artistic animisms, biological (r)evolution, poetic realism, abstract expression, sound fields, surviving species, feminist utopias, intermedialities, imagined gardens, and sacred spaces.

Projects might ponder future blends of human, animal, and material just as they might reflect on fluid temporal movements between past, present, and future. How, today, might artists respond to the future demands of death, erosion, war, memory, extinction, social oppression, digital obsolescence, and cultural terrorism? How might multiple artistic practices embrace the uncertainty of futurities to activate creativity, thought, and social justice anew?

Photo credit: Mendi + Keith Obadike; Photo by Sean Carroll


Jenifer Wightman
Shared Space
Madre Drone by Patricia Domínguez
Patricia Domínguez
Madre Drone
Ken Feingold, 2022 Cornell Biennial
Ken Feingold
The Animal, Vegetable, Mineralness of Everything
In Vitro, 2019, by Larissa Sansour & Soren Lind
Larissa Sansour + Søren Lind
In Vitro
Xu Bing
Background Story
Camel Collective
Gated Commune
Sara Jimenez
At what point does the world unfold?
Mendi + Keith Obadike, 2022 Cornell Biennial
Mendi + Keith Obadike
Difference Tones
Paul Vanouse
America Project
Wendy S. Walters, 2022 Cornell Biennial
Wendy S. Walters
To Rent or Own: On Benefits Absolute and Vulgar
Kyungwon Moon/Joonho Jeon, 2022 Cornell Biennial
Moon Kyungwon + Jeon Joonho
The Ways of Folding Space and Flying
Mermaids, by Karrabing Film Collective
Karrabing Film Collective
The Mermaids, or Aiden in Wonderland
Tacet(i) Ensemble
Extended Instruments and Global Sounds
Zhang Huan
The Celestial Burial of an Artist


Matt Dallos, 2022 Cornell Biennial
Matthew Dallos
Libe Slope Wild Garden
Denise Green + CFTC
Threads of Life, Love, and Loss
Articles of Displacement
Felix Heisel + Circular Construction Lab
Circulating Matters
Matéa LeBeau + Isabella Culotta
Waste Not
Giselle Hobbs
Anti Biome
Jennifer Birkeland + Jonathan A. Scelsa
Cayuga Sage Knoll
So-Yeon Yoon
Immersive Portraits of COVID
Leslie Lok, Jordan, Reiter, Zivkovic
Joanna Malinowska + C.T. Jasper
A morning in 1953 (Messiaen Reversed, Birds Released)
Greg Stuart
Composition and Improvisation Residency
Juan Manuel Aldape Muñoz
Esther Kondo Heller
Ceaseless Waves
Jade Doskow
Kellen Cooks
Patricia Encarnación + Gina Goico
Sou / Venir
Austin Bunn + Jeffrey Palmer


Monica Franciscus, Leo Kang, Blažo Kovačević, Grace Sachi Troxell, Van Tran Nguyen, Muhammad Zaman
Local Futurities


Oupa Sibeko + Gustavo Nazareno
Between Nothingness + Infinity
Material Resistance
Social Justice and Empowerment Narratives Told Through Cloth


2022 Cornell Biennial Team
Timothy Murray | Cornell Biennial Curator, CCA Director
Tina DuBois | CCA Program Coordinator
Skylar Xu, Abigail Parker-Blier, Kacey Kim, Sally Yu, Santosh Adhikari, Asuka Kurebayashi, Isabel Padilla | CCA Support Team

Visiting Critics
Sara Garzon | University of Vermont
Ruixuan Li | Carnegie Mellon University
Lauren van Haaften-Schick | Wesleyan University

Curatorial Committee
Ellen Avril | Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Christopher Csíkszentmihályi | Information Science
Renate Ferro | Art
Denise Green | Fiber Science and Apparel Design
Leslie Lok | Architecture
Jeffrey Palmer | Performing and Media Arts, American Indian and Indigenous Studies
Constanza Salazar | Graduate Student Representative, History of Art
Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon | English