Follow the steps below to apply for a CCA grant
01. Read Program Description and Application Guidelines.

Applications are submitted via SlideRoom and must adhere to the following:

  • Applicants must be part of the Cornell community through project completion.
  • Student applicants must obtain approval by a faculty member relevant to the project.
  • Faculty, department, and program applicants must secure matching funding.
  • Faculty applicants must receive approval by Department Chair.
Create an account with SlideRoom

Applicants will need a SlideRoom account to submit an application. For questions about SlideRoom or creating an account, contact SlideRoom. For all other questions, contact CCA.

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“Obsession” by graduate student Jingyang Liu.
02. Complete application form

Each application includes the following components:

  • Applicant Profile (including one-page artistic resume/biography for each artist/presenter/group)
  • Project Proposal (500-word narrative describing proposed project, key people involved, the artistic merit and significance of the project to the community, and production schedule)
  • Budget Form (see 03.)
  • Past Work (see 04.)
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03. Complete Budget Form

The budget form is a requirement of the grant application. The budget form must be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded back into the SlideRoom portal.

Download Budget Form .xlxsApply Now
04. Upload Project Media

Please include images (high-res, large, up to 5 MB each), video (up to 60 MB each), audio (up to 30 MB each), or PDFs (up to 10 MB each).

Visual + Media Arts: Draft sketch or conceptual diagram of proposal and up to 7 high-res images of past work. Include captions with title, date, medium, and size.

Space + Installation: Draft sketch or conceptual diagram of proposal and up to 7 high-res images of past work. Include captions with title, date, medium, and size.

Performance + Music: Up to 8 audio/video files of past work. In lieu of files, you may use links from SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo.

Creative + Literary Arts: Up to 3 files of past work, limited to 3 pages each. Longer works may be excerpted to 3 pages.

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Grant applications are reviewed each cycle by the Grant Review Panel which consists of Cornell faculty from CCA member departments. Each application is evaluated on the merits of project concept, impact (how it expands boundaries of a particular discipline), feasibility (location, budget and timeline), experience or expertise of applicant, and how it contributes to the understanding of the arts at Cornell.

Project proposals may engage any singular art form or any mixture of art forms, but must be new work made or conceived outside of any regular academic or studio class. Students, faculty, departments and programs from across Cornell’s campus are encouraged to apply with projects for which there is insufficient departmental funding or for work which could not be made or experienced without independent financial support. However, substantial artistic merit, rather than financial need, is the first priority of both the review panel and the CCA.

Artistic Excellence
  • Quality of the artistic work and project concept
  • Artistic significance of the project
Project Merit
  • Potential impact on the academic, artistic and cultural community
  • Artistic significance of the project
  • Potential for the project to achieve artist’s intended outcomes
  • Feasibility of project scope
  • Ap­propriateness of the budget and resources required
  • Quality and clarity of the project goals and design
  • Qualifications of the project’s organizers