Spring 2023 Grantees

CCA Announces Spring 2023 Grantees

The Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) hosted a special mid-year grant competition exclusively for Spring 2023 projects on campus. Each year (and this year, twice!), the CCA holds a competition to fund student and faculty projects that are artistic, novel, open to the public, and ideally interdisciplinary. In a typical year, the CCA funds 15 students and student organizations, and 10 faculty members and departments/programs.

The selection committee for the Spring 2023 cycle included Molly Ryan (Cornell Cinema), Paulina Velázquez Solís (Art), Gemma Rodrigues (Johnson Museum), Denise Green (Human Centered Design), and Tim Murray (CCA Director). The committee identified 13 proposals that aligned with the CCA’s criteria.

Keep an eye on cca.cornell.edu/events for more information about how you can see and experience the above projects during Spring 2023! As a reminder, CCA will hold its annual competition for 2023-24 academic year projects in April 2023. To ensure you don’t miss any of our grant cycle announcements, email us to be added to our announcement list.

Student Grants

Bradley Verhelle (Art)
Title: Psychosis | Guiding and Misguiding Perception
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: Mid-April, TBD
Description: Research and subsequent exhibition of alternative process photography (gum bichromate) prints.

Coral Douglas (Music)
Title: TALOS
Category: Performance & Music
Date/Location: March 9, Klarman Hall KG70
Description: A premiere of TALOS, a new piece for steel pan that uses acoustics to contrast real steel drum non-linear response patterns with electronically manipulated samples of linear response patterns.

Daniel Sabzghabaei (Music)
Title: Generations: An evening exploring the Iranian diaspora
Category: Performance & Music
Date/Location: April 23, TBD
Description: An evening of works curated by myself and Bergamot exploring generations of Iranian and diasporic Iranian creators of differing backgrounds, practices, genders, and aesthetic bents. Connecting all of our works is the thread of influence each of us has to those who’ve come before us.

John Eagle (Music)
Title: steady state / transient flow (a sound and performance installation)
Category: Visual & Media, Performance & Music
Date/Location: April 10-14, Olive Tjaden Gallery
Description: A sound/performance installation exploring the sonic, social, and physical properties of water in a closed ecological system.

Rejoice Abutsa (PMA)
Title: African Cinema and Media (Transnational Perspectives)
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: April, TBD
Description: A critical podcast that engages cinema and media practitioners on topics around production, distribution and reception of African media.

Faculty Grants

Emilio Rojas (Art)
Title: Chasing the Sun: Durational performance festival from sunrise to sunset
Category: Performance & Music
Date/Location: May 6, Soil Factory
Description: A performance festival that finalizes the class Reclaiming My Time (Spring 2023) instructed by visiting artist Emilio Rojas. The festival will include students of Cornell and a number of invited renowned performance artists creating durational performances at the Soil Factory.

Leeza Meksin (Art)
Title: Oracle for Brutalist Architecture, Preparatory Drawings Exhibition
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: April 23-29, Bibliowicz Family Gallery
Description: A show of framed drawings, renderings and small paintings, that I’m making in preparation for a large-scale outdoor public art project in Ithaca. The show in April aims to raise awareness about the public art project, begin relevant dialogue about gender and architecture and find collaborators.

Hanna Tulis (Architecture)
Title: Performance where? Moving bodies and other spaces
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: Jan-May academic course
Description: Spring 2023 elective course in which architecture students will explore movement on film. I am collaborating with choreographer/filmmaker Sarah Friedland to create an Embodied Movement Workshop for the students and screening the artist’s and the students’ films at the Cornell Cinema.

Jen Delos Reyes (Art)
Title: Disappearing Birds of North America: Sapsucker Woods Edition
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: May, Sapsucker Woods
Description: A field guide to the endangered birds of North America made for Sapsucker Woods highlighting birds that can be seen there who are in danger of being lost to climate change. This will be printed as a free newspaper, and the launch will be a birding walk in the woods with the publication.

Marta Wisniewska (Architecture)
Title: Terra Firma: NewGrounds
Category: Space & Installation
Date/Location: TBD, Pew Engineering Quad
Description: A temporary installation constructed from raw dirt that celebrates the structural and aesthetic qualities of raw earth as a sustainable construction method, as well as an experiment in determining the most enduring and aesthetic compositions of aggregate, clay, and raw dirt.

Sydney Maubert (Architecture)
Title: Hymns From A Burning House: Haitian Dispossession
Category: Visual & Media
Date/Location: Feb 20-Mar 20, John Hartell Gallery
Description: This work is an experiment in simulating the haptics of Haitian dispossession. It reflects on the way that heritage elides the boundaries of the spiritual and domestic, between media and heritage. The work will include a 5×5′ hand made beaded tapestry, 12 collages and personal archive.

Program Grants

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program
Latin American Concert Series
Category: Performance & Music
Date/Location: Mar-May, TBD
Description: LACS is an outreach initiative between Cornell and regional community colleges seeking to democratize and strengthen the access to culture and education via exchanges between underrepresented members of our communities and international artists belonging to minority groups.

Southeast Asia Program
Title: Arja Saraswati Puja: A Contemporary Balinese Performance Piece
Category: Performance & Music
Date/Location: Mar 5 at 7pm, Barnes Hall
Description: An intercultural collaboration between guest artists from Bali, Indonesia, and the United States, that makes the rarely-presented traditional operatic dance-drama form accessible to a non-Balinese audience.

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