Nov 15 2016
On Post-Blackness: Queer Satire in 21st Century African-American Art

Visual + Media Arts
November 15, 2016
G22 Goldwin Smith
Presented by the Visual Culture Colloquium

This talk explores the complexities of the controversial term ìpost-blackî. A highly contested and polarizing terminology, post-black emerged in the early 2000s to describe the aesthetic and conceptual particularities of post-Civil Rights generation visual artists. Defined here as a ìqueeringî of blackness, post-black articulates how the political and visual emblems of normative blackness may not speak to the lived experiences and realities of those whose gender or sexual identities position them on the cultural margins. Many of the artists associated with this term employ a form of queer satire in their formal and conceptual attempts to reimagine the visual rhetorics of African-American life. Ultimately, post-blackness is a radical searching for new forms of self-definition that are unencumbered, yet deeply informed and enriched by the past.