Nov 09 - Nov 13 2015
A ploughman and some stones

Visual + Media Art
November 9 - 13, 2015
Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery

"What if I told you that all we do is guessing on the base of some theories. We don't have any certainty. The stones are there of course. We can see them, we can smell them, but they don't speak. They just whisper something that we can't clearly hear. We have to speak for them, and by doing so we become the creators of their story." - Luca Spano

Luca Spano (MFA '16) presents visual and narrative research on the intersection between beliefs and scientific evidence in relation to "The Giant of Monte Prama," an archeological discovery that is changing some historical certainties of the Mediterranean area. The outcome is a destabilizing multimedia installation, which investigates the production of subjective fictional abstraction in relation with visual, historical and narrative aspects of what we call reality.

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