Oct 04 2013
Coco Fusco and Movement: The Body and Object in Motion

Visual & Media
October 4, 2013
Africana Studies and Research Center
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Graduate Art History Symposium 

Presented by the Graduate Symposium Committee

The Graduate Symposium Committee is pleased to announce that the world-renown and critically-acclaimed artist and scholar Coco Fusco will give the keynote lecture at the graduate symposium this fall. The symposium will bring together graduate students from around the U.S., exploring global movement and visual culture through the compelling topics of diaspora, slavery, culturalproperty, tourism, trade, and more.Dr. Fusco's lifelong work on these issues, both in her own art work and in her scholarship, is not only the perfect fit to give the keynote, but is also sure to draw an audience from many departments on campus, including Art History, Art, Performing and Media Arts, Classics, Archaeology, Latino Studies, Africana Studies, and beyond. In addition to her lecture on art and movement, she has agreed to show her new video work, most recently on viewat the Guggenheim, through an exhibition at the Johnson Museum of Art. This work, which reflects her family's migration from Cuba to the U.S., is highly participatory and includes an installation that viewers can interact withas they experience the videos, and provides a platform for dialogue about a most relevant and timely topic for Cornell students and faculty across campus.

The most powerful and well known of Dr. Fusco's work has to do with dismantling the hegemonic practices of artsinstitutions, and is often studied by art and art history students at Cornell. For decades, she has been in dialoguewith the arts establishment through her multi-media, installation, and performance art, as well as her prolificscholarship as an art historian, engaged in a revisionist and progressive approach to art history. Renowned asboth an artist and a scholar, her practice and scholarship address issues of diaspora, hegemony, movement, memory, and politics.

This symposium and related exhibition will provide an extremely rare opportunity to hear her speak, see her work, and interact with her. The symposium committee is advised by Professor Benjamin Anderson in Art History and organized by graduate students Hannah Ryan and Kaja Tally. The exhibition is organized by Johnson Museum Curator of Modern andContemporary

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