Mar 31 - Apr 13 2013

Visual & Media
Exhibition: March 31 - April 13, 2013
East Sibley Hall
Presented by AAP Association

Association is a collection of work produced by the students, faculty, and alumni of Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, & Planning.

Volume Five is unbound and without hierarchy: a collection of plates, each presenting a single project, unique in content, medium, scale, and character. The containing box becomes a framework for indexing, filtering, and categorizing the project plates, revealing commonalities and expanding the scope of each discipline through a series of descriptive tags such as discipline, campus, technology, level of realization, size, and dimensionality. The result is a complex network of relationships, made tangible by a web graphic hidden underneath the cards, an informative diagram that reveals larger trends in the interests, ambitions, and work habits of the AAP community--a set of design “figures” that numerically and graphically express our collective work.

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