Nov 05 - Nov 09 2012
Impotent Impediments

Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery
November 5 - November 9
Reception: November 8 at 5 PM

The works in this exhibition by Hannah Levy (BFA '13) are largely concerned with the interior space of the home. Focusing on the lived experience of spatial domesticity, Levy combines Gaston Bachelard’s intimate language of the domestic with the aesthetic language of the institution to create objects that exist in a designed “purgatory” resting uneasily between the public and private. These objects explore Walter Benjamin’s assertion that the opposition of the private and public, interior and exterior, is a product of bourgeois society, and that the home was created in opposition to the office.

Levy's work addresses the synthetic languages of contemporary domestic space in a post-megastore context, employing a present day vocabulary of do-it-yourself construction materials as a means to explore the social ramifications of a specific visual and material vocabulary, primarily that of the middle class interior space; she is particularly interested in the use of industrial materials in an art historical context. These domestic forms, which lie in opposition to the hyper-masculinity of the Minimalist movement of the 1960’s, facilitate exploration of the role that the aesthetics of Minimalism play in contemporary design. Emphasizing this close relationship—between the art object and the designed object—questions the ambiguous distinctions that exist historically between the two. The exhibition that will be on view in Experimental Gallery November 5th through 9th is composed of enigmatic objects that are precariously balanced between the designed language of the exterior and interior, sculpture and furniture, art and design.