Nov 15 2011
Dark Matters: An Experimental Cinema Series “Heartache in the Machine”

7:15PM, Willard Straight Theatre, Cornell Cinema
Filmscreening with introduction by program curator and filmmaker Michael Robinson.
Built from appropriated imagery, and considering the ways by which our aspirations can get caught up in machines, these three films deconstruct both the mechanics of sentiment and the myths of progress. Composed entirely of YouTube and LiveLeak clips, Jennifer Proctor's A Movie is a poignant shot-for-shot remake of Bruce Conner's classic 1958 found-footage film of the same title.  Duncan Campbell's Make it New John, is a fascinating telling of the rise and fall of the Delorean automobile, arranged primarily from archived television from the 1980s, and centering upon both creator John Delorean and the workers of the car's Belfast-based factory. Finally, April Snow is a gorgeous work from collage animator Lewis Klahr's ongoing Prolix Satori series, done in his signature melodramatic style, complete with vintage cars, girls, cigarettes,The Shangri-Las, and Bruce Springsteen. 

Cosponsored with the Department of Art and the Cornell Council for the Arts
Image: Make it New John

Cornell Cinema Program 2011-12