Jan 22 - Mar 20 2011
Splendor of Dynamic Structure: Celebrating 75 Years of the American Abstract Artists

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Exhibition celebrates the 75th anniversary of the American Abstract Artists (AAA) formed in New York in 1936 and still going strong. Founding members included Josef Albers, Ilya Bolotowsky, Byron Browne, Burgoyne Diller, Werner Drewes, Susie Frelinghuysen, Balcomb and Gertrude Greene, Ibram Lassaw, Anne Trumball Mason, George McNeil, George L.K. Morris, and many other important initiators in the Abstract art movement. At 75, AAA numbers over 100 members. This exhibition will explore the different impetuses within the group, from Cubist-inspired, to the biomorphic and neo-plastic variations, with both a contemporary and historical look at this still-important movement in art. The historic portion of this project will draw from the Johnson Museum's permanent collection, highlighting work by some of the premier members. The second part of the exhibition will highlight work of current members.