May 14 2010
Open Call: Motion Portraiture + Self-Portraiture

Darren Floyd, Artist-In-Residence, Risley Residential College, Cornell University, 2009-2010

Film screening / lecture / presentations.  Dates TBA

What is the current state of portraiture? Were Warhol's Screen Tests the beginning of motion portraiture or the end of it? Are artists working to extend the history of the portrait into film, video, motion graphics and game design?   Darren Floyd will survey current motion portraiture and self-portraiture through an Open Call.  Through this project, Floyd will explore what kinds of portraits are being created today and see how new technologies may be impacting the history of the portrait.

Submitted works will be considered for a screening to be held at the Cornell Cinema in Spring 2010. Accepting all artworks which can be screened in video (including film, video, motion graphics, animation, programming, game interfaces, flip books, etc.) Broad interpretations of the theme welcome. Works under 5 minutes will be preferred.

Darren Floyd