Mar 29 - Apr 02 2010
Exhibition: SMALL CRAFTS

Tjaden Gallery / Reception Apr 1, 5PM
Exhibition by Anthony Graves, visiting lecturer, Department of Art, Cornell, artist + curator

SMALL CRAFTS consists of two new works using digital photography, sculpture, and cinematic convention to recontextualize existing sites of value production and display into a mise-en-scène of speculative dreams deferred. The installation carries the sad tale of the raft of the Méduse as told by its surgeon, Henri Savigny, placing his story of mutiny and cannibalism in the context of the ongoing financial crisis. The material nature of time is invoked through the rotating form of a contemporary newspaper and a sequence of manipulated prints of the Financial Times.

*Special thanks to Graham MacDougal, Peter Moran, Clara Hess, and Emily Votruba

Anthony Graves
brick and balloon