Apr 29
May 09 2019

At a pedestrian intersection of the Arts Quad, a circular assemby of mirrors blocks frosted at eye level. Your passage slows down, physically and psychologically, as you immerse yourelf in the shifting and authentic beauty of the surrounding space. 

Nov 16 2018

Celebrating the completion of Dilmun Hill's new storage barn, student club Building Community is making a set of furniture and shelving units for use during CSA pickups and workshop events held by the student-run organic farm. 

Nov 15 2018

We aim to connect students and address the social climate at Cornell. Our collaboration aims to initiate a dialogue on campus about the issues we individually and collectively face and express these through design and art. 

Nov 12
Nov 16 2018

A Cliff is a solo exhibition by Bruno Cancado focusing in sculpture and photography, exploring the physicality of things and the socio-cultural memory inherent in materials and shapes. The exhibition is an investigation of the relationship between architecture and nature.

Nov 05
Oct 11 2018

Questioning perception through the use of weight, scale and materiality in the search of the uncanny or unspecified,  Sophia Starling MFA’19, explores these ideas in her new show, The Unforgiving Mould.

Sep 14
Sep 28 2018

Pulse serves as a space for reflection and mindfulness - a refuge from the avalanche of information which we consume.

Aug 15
Oct 15 2018

TEXTURE is an eclectic exhibition that emerged from a simple and (intentionally) vague prompt: texture.

May 01
May 02 2018

The _NO_PHONE Booth, a place to experience the archaic technology of the camera obscura we experience everyday through our computer to our cell phone screen, is the second iteration of the camera obscura

Apr 22
Apr 29 2018

From Land to Land is a video installation that explores the varied struggles of the immigrant experience in the United States during the Trump Administration.

Apr 21
Aug 12 2018

Shifting Ground presents a survey of landscapes from mid– to late–twentieth century American art. As imagined representations of place, landscapes are always mediated through artists. This exhibition explores how artists connected with and conceptualized landscape during this period. The works selected examine the significance of constructed place and the natural world by investigating landscape as a changing entity.

Nov 20
Dec 01 2017

Tendederos consists of the creation of an immersive site-specific installation, by Gabriel Ramos (MFA’18), about the visual layering and distortion of forms through the process of recollection.

Aug 31
Nov 04 2017

Union-Made: Fashioning America in the 20th Century is a collaboration between the Kheel Center and Cornell Costume and Textile Collection to celebrate 20th century fashion trends alongside the history of organized labor and union labeling efforts in the United States.

May 19 2017

Obscura is a room. It reorients our vision from the screen to the outside world, questioning the everyday phenomena to which we grow numb and privileging a view that would otherwise be ignored.

Apr 26 2017

Doors is an investigation of the threshold -- a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier that is designed to provide both enclosure and circulation.

Nov 12
Dec 17 2016

This project is investigating a potential professional model in the university setting and will show how commitments and motivations balance and drive us outside of our classes. Being on constant display in a fishbowl, and recorded through a live stream video like zoo animals, this exhibition will showcase the unknown process and mysterious production that goes into the pieces normally shown in galleries.

Nov 07
Nov 11 2016

REVEAL || CONCEAL introduces a less familiar art of the West African masquerade, presented in a way that permits visitors into what is considered to be a culturally sacred space. In essence, by encountering the installation, visitors must embrace a willingness to adopt an experience of otherness; both as onlookers and as active participants.

Oct 29
Mar 01 2016

The earthwork installation, Ah-Theuh-Nyeh-Hah: The Planting Moon, created by the artist Associate Professor Jolene Rickard (Tuscarora) is a site-specific artwork, performance, and the model of an embodied Indigenous research methodology that are contextualized and can be accessed through the smart phone media application. The installation is based on the Haudenosaunee agricultural and cosmological knowledge. 

Sep 29
Dec 03 2016

The Department of Fiber Science and Apparel Design celebrates our centennial by honoring the legacy of Professor Beulah Blackmore, the first full-time clothing and textiles faculty member at Cornell.

Sep 16 2016

The Lebanese artist Teresa Diehl will be talking with curator Sara Garzón about her exhibition titled “Revolution,” a light and sound installation providing a sensorial experience that metaphorically places the viewer in the place of conflict.

Aug 22
Sep 16 2016

This exhibition examines links between childhood play with building blocks and morphologies embraced by architectural pedagogy and professional practice. 

Apr 16
Jul 24 2016

The History of Art Majors’ Society provides Cornell undergraduates with the opportunity to collaborate with the Museum in curating and organizing an exhibition. This year, 15 Minutes employs the Johnson’s vast photography collection to explore the construction, preservation, and exhaustion of fame.

Apr 08
Aug 15 2016

The Biggest Little Fashion City: Ithaca & Silent Film Style is a multi-media exhibit of historic costume, ephemera, and silent film clips, all highlighting the intersection of fashion and film.

Oct 05
Oct 09 2015

Margin of Error” is space to relate with. Participants join to embrace an atmosphere of multiplicities, actual and virtual.

Apr 18
Jun 14 2015

This exhibition takes as its starting point not a particular geographic area or time period, but rather a phenomenon that exists wherever consolidated authority or conventions of good taste have taken hold.

Apr 06
Apr 10 2015

“For Display Purposes Only” is a series of hybrid food-objects that investigate the underlying social, cultural, and economic narratives embedded within the square watermelon.

Sep 26 2014

Cave painting is brought to life by the unexpected use of construction lights and bird sculptures in this outdoor installation by Jenn Houle.

Sep 18 2014

Kimsooja discusses her installation A Needle Woman: Galaxy Was a Memory, Earth is a Souvenir, on view in the Arts Quad.

May 03 2014

Rachel Bacus presents a small scale architectural installation to filter out the hustle and bustle of the chaotic world.

Apr 21 2014

Smilde's Nimbus works present a transitory moment of presence in a specific location.

Apr 14
Apr 18 2014

An interactive exploration of technology, music, sculpture, and visual art, “A Cultural Anthropology of Television Noise” is Part Art Installation, Part History of Technology Display, Part Experimental Film, and Part Free-Music Jazz Concert.

Apr 14
Apr 25 2014

n'APPARATUS is a large-scale photographic installation, an apparatus for examining the space of interaction between man and animal at the former slaughterhouses of Rome.

Apr 10 2014

Maya Lin will discuss her work, including her recent sculptures and the installation Empty Room, from her What is Missing? memorial, on view as part of beyond earth art • contemporary artists and the environment

Sep 23
Oct 04 2013

A ceramic installation by James Blair (M.Arch. ’13) and Mia Miyoung Kang (M.Arch. ’13) that reveals the relationship between form, sound, light, and space.

Sep 01
Sep 07 2013

Born of Ithaca’s sublime terrain, Lightwave is both an ode and an invitation; it celebrates the landscape with mimicry and welcomes the public with luminous splendor.

Apr 29
May 26 2013

Caroline O’Donnell/CODA Natural Selection presents three recent competition entries which explore the relationship between architecture and its niche.

Apr 20
Apr 26 2013

An interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, engineers, and scientists from across the Cornell community engaged in research, experimentation, and performance to activate the laboratory as site of critical inquiry and cultural production.

Apr 15
Apr 26 2013

“Ply Candy” is a furniture exhibition by BFA student Michelle Chen that explores the eschewed domain of surface decoration, challenging what furniture could be visually beyond form and function.

Apr 07
Apr 24 2013

A hydroponic installation by Peter Gudonis (B.Arch '14) and Carly Dean (B.Arch '14).

Mar 11
Mar 15 2013

A multi-channel video installation by Taber Colleti, BFA '13.

Nov 20
Nov 30 2012

PIGEONHOOD is birds, approximately.

Jul 23
Jul 27 2012

LaiYee Ho '12 presents an interactive installation that weaves together the disciplines of information science, art and music into storytelling triggered by loss.

May 03 2012

Lacie Buckwalter, PhD '16 candidate in Romance Studies / Spanish, will present an interactive installation to explore the concept of insecurity and anxiety in relation to confinement and movement.

Apr 27 2012

Spring 2012 Roxanne Yamins, BFA December '11 candidate in the Department of Art, and 2010 Cornell University Undergraduate Artist Award winner, will present an installation that discloses systems that are typically unseen or unknown. For this piece, Yamins will replicate in exact detail, select housing units within the Ithaca Public Works systems of water and electricity. The interior panels and mechanisms inside an electrical box or water supply unit, will be fabricated from blue foam core and...

Apr 15
May 12 2012

Exhibitions: Willard Straight Hall and Milstein Hall Gallery Talks by artists and scientists: April 21, 2012, Milstein Hall Auditorium Collaborative art installation of cross-disciplinary work by seven international contemporary artists investigating and changing light to give new meaning to ideas ranging from mapping the universe to drawing with dust particles.  The blending of visual arts, science and nature is revealed in a series of art installations.  Natalie Tyler, Risley...

Mar 12
Mar 16 2012

Tjaden Experimental Gallery Katherine Somody, MFA '13 candidate in the Department of Art, will present a series of six videos of six individual portraits to be projected in public space for a six-month period, with an interactive component inviting viewers to call a provided phone number and leave a message structured within the artist's formatted script. The project will culminate in an exhibition of the videos and voicemails collected during the six-month public projections.

Feb 27
Mar 04 2012

Milstein Dome Site-specific installation by Piotr Chizinski, MFA '13 candidate in the Department of Art, of a city that has been fragmented by flooding.  The piece will be fabricated from folded paper and installed in the dome of Milstein Hall. Chizinski's project will be interactive with participation from students in AAP to assemble the paper models and discuss the social issues surrounding the piece.

Feb 27
Mar 04 2012

Spring 2012, location TBA Gaby Wolodarski, MFA '13 candidate and Daren Kendall, MFA '12 candidate, both in the Department of Art, will present a collaborative installation on the notions of struggle and wilderness as they relate to everyday 'civilized' modes of perception, behavior and interaction. The artists will construct a sculptural piece that will undergo daily change over the course of one week that will incorporate performance and documentary video practice into the...

Feb 20
Feb 24 2012

Tjaden Experimental Gallery Michelle Tianhui Chen, BA and BFA '13 candidate in comparative literature and art, will present a site-specific installation constructed of folded, hand-patterned paper to create three-dimensional objects.  Chen's sculptural work will be reimagined from functional space to points of contemplation in relation to shape, pattern and texture.  

Jan 27
Mar 25 2012

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Carl Ostendarp, visiting assistant professor in the Department of Art, is best known for paintings that engage the history of late Modernist art, such as Pop, Color-field, and Minimalism. For “Fat Cakes”/ “Myopic Void” Ostendarp has chosen works from the Johnson’s collection by such artists as Andy Warhol, Barnett Newman, Helen Frankenthaler, Mary Heilmann, James Rosenquist, Robert Smithson, and John Chamberlain, primarily from the...

Nov 17
Feb 18 2011

Warehouse Gallery, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Installation by Elisabeth Meyer, professor of art.  A series of digitally traced drawing embroidered onto an organza fabric.  The repeating pattern evokes an association with an uplifted plane, the ocean -- a net of coordinates surfacing.  The transparent quality of the organza allows the viewer to see through the piece thus questioning the nature of space. Meyer developed the concept for this sculptural piece during...

Jul 16
Oct 02 2011

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa is known for his study of the contemporary city and its built historical, political, societal and humanistic conditions in a multidisciplinary approach that defies categorization and involves a broad range of materials and techniques. Driven by a belief in the artist’s moral obligation towards society, Garaicoa creates new vocabularies in order to discuss social and political issues.  Artist Residency and installation in...

Jun 01 2011

Downtown Ithaca, New York Undergraduate architecture students, Cristina Marais and Leslie Mignin, will design and fabricate a furniture prototype of a bicycle rack / city bench, and install the piece for permanent placement in downtown Ithaca, New York. The design responds to an increasing need to accomodate urban pedestrian and biker, using Ithaca, New York, as a test site. Design concepts will be explored and modified. Marais and Mignin will collaborate with fabricators and city...

Apr 01 2011

Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts Inspired by Peter Bruegel's image "Big Fish Eat Little Fish"-- and in response with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill -- "And why the sea is boiling hot..." investigates various meanings of consumption and their relationship to the life of our oceans. This is an installation of sound and movement mixing animation with live video in a choreographic brawl and collaged sound of waves, sea birds and media reporting, with dance rhythms inspired...

Apr 01
Apr 09 2011

Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art The Johnson Museum Club, a student organization, hosts its annual juried arts showcase featuring visual art and film screenings by Cornell students.  Performance art will be presented at the opening reception. Opening reception: Friday, April 1, 2011, 7 - 10PM Exhibition: April 1 - 9, 2011  

Mar 19
Jun 12 2011

Curated by The History of Art Majors' Society, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art The History of Art Majors' Society at Cornell aims to increase awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in the Cornell community through a variety of activities organized by the group. This year the group has organized an exhibition with the theme of the icon, focusing on how icons, or the subject of our admiration and obsession, become objects through commoditization in contemporary American society and our...

Mar 08 2011

Hans Bethe House, Jansen Dining Room, Spring 2011 Installation by architecture students Jean You and Sonny Xu, winners of the Hans Bethe Design Competition.  Juried competition: to create an installation that reflected Professor Bethe╩╝s work in astrophysics and the energy of stars.

Feb 14
Feb 26 2011

Hartell Gallery Eric Bernstein presents DOUBLE TAKE, an exhibition of five topographic landscape sculptures that simultaneously portray and reinterpret ten familiar works of art.  Using such iconic paintings as the Mona Lisa, 3D reliefs are fabricated to demonstrate the unexpected moment of lost familiarity and intense reinterpretation.  In plan view, the images are unchanged, but as you cross the room, extrusions increasingly deform the familiar icon. The show will also include 20...

Feb 14
Feb 18 2011

Tjaden Experimental Gallery, Tjaden Hall Daren Kendall, MFA '12 candidate in the Department of Art, will present "Shield," an installation constructed of salvaged hockey safety glass. The 4x8' panels will be installed to create an unexpected tension between the luminious nature of glass and evidence of impact made by puck marks and scars.

Nov 30 2010

Bailey Plaza / Nov. 30, 2010 Arnold Borden Edgerton presents BAMBOO INTERVENTIONS on Cornell's Bailey Plaza.  Using bamboo as an unconventional material for artistic expression and discussion, one can see the adaptability that the material offers, as well as its potential to be crafted into an interactive element in spatial design.  These spatial interventions direct focus toward the existing site program.  Bailey Plaza could be inhabited by oversized bamboo figure models...

Nov 06 2010

Cornell Cinema, Willard Straight Theatre. 7:30 PM The Alloy Orchestra, a three-man ensemble, performs original scores for restored silent films.  On Saturday, November 6, they will perform a matinee of the program "Masters of Slapstick," (three short films by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Laurel & Hardy), as part of Cornell Cinema's IthaKid Film Festival.  In the evening, Alloy Orchestra will perform to the 1927 restored film by Fritz Lang,...

Oct 23 2010

Cornell Cinema. 7:30 PM, Willard Straight Theatre. Live Performance! Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green has teamed with sound artist Dave Cerf to create a moving performance – a live documentary – that investigates the meaning and status of idealism in contemporary culture. Originally conceived as a work-in-progress for a still uncompleted film, Utopia has evolved instead into a one-of-a-kind stage show that threads together a century's worth of dizzying sounds and...

Oct 18 2010

"Luminous Walls" Lecture by Thomas Schielke: Monday, October 18, 2010, 4:30 PM, G73 MVR Thomas Schielke is an expert in lighting design and technology. Luminous walls: From grazing light via modernist wallwashing to pixelated planes Luminous walls belong to the essential repertoire of qualitative lighting design. With light, spaces can be defined and reinterpreted. Illuminated walls allow us to provide orientation and to perceive the form and dimension of space. Further, their...

Oct 10
Nov 13 2010

Mann Library Gallery / Oct. 10 - Nov. 12, 2010 Robert Andrade presents (A) TOPOS, a large sculptural environment in the Mann Library gallery.  The project conveys ideas of the labyrinth, city planning, and landscape architecture. These three facets share a common theme of form and the inherent element of control, fragmentary or overt, embedded within their design.  The experiential quality is imposed on the social by various means and multiple strata of the everyday. Functioning as...

Apr 26 2010

Ithaca Children's Garden, Route 89, Ithaca, NY Installation of sound-oriented playground by Maureen Bolton (MLA '10), Rachel Kunreuther (MLA '10), and Gwendolyn Ellman (MLA '11). Design and construction of sound-oriented playground with multiple areas of interest: sound art, playspace design, music composition and exploration. Audio

Apr 05
Apr 09 2010

Arts Quad / April 2010 An Installation by Yehre Suh, visiting critic, architecture, Cornell LANDSCAPE STORIES, is a site installation of three greenhouse structures that will contain various artifacts and plant materials to represent three narratives on nature. The greenhouses will be filled with plant specimens that are representative of the research contents and equipment of the various academic departments at Cornell related to the studies of...

Mar 29
Apr 02 2010

Tjaden Experimental Gallery / Opening April 5, 5PM An installation by Caroline O'Donnell, lecturer in architecture, Cornell. Bloodline (or How to be Third), is designed to be a self-consuming grill pavilion.  As the barbeque is used, it will consume wood from its facade to reveal a new structure beneath. grounds of Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany. A platonic solid clad with grillholz conceals a service space formed by stretching between two simple sections: a grill-window and an...

Feb 15
Feb 19 2010

February 15 - 19, 2101, Tjaden Gallery AUSTIN + MERGOLD present The Grand (and other) Resources, a series of musings on the theme of legacy infrastructure, energy sources in cities, agro-industrial complex, construction waste, and joyous wooden decks. www.austin-mergold.com

Nov 01
Dec 01 2009

Bronx Museum of the Arts, NYC Installation of wind turbine towers, scaled as sculptural models, as part of a competition organized by The Design Trust for Public Space and The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Taking their inspiration from New York’s official City Seal, which features the sails of Dutch windmills,the Philadelphia-based design firm Austin+Mergold, LLC, (Jason Austin, Adjunct Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University, and Aleksandr Mergold, Visiting Faculty...

Oct 01
Dec 22 2009

Exhibit / Artist-in-Residence Economics Art Gallery 404 Uris Year-long exhibition of watercolor + pencil illustrations, and mixed-media installation pieces by illustrator Heather Layton. Installation illustrates the process of art production and experimentation. LETTERS TO A NEW GENERATION is the first installation by a resident artist in the Economics Department. begins with blank walls and is a participatory performance– Layton will complete a painting and hang hundreds of small...

Sep 08
Oct 11 2009

Tjaden Gallery Lindsey Glover, staff in the Department of Art, presents a video installation that examines the patterns of a local greenhouse ecosystem.  The video and sound installation will reinvent the greenhouse within a new space, repositioning it with an ocean.

Mar 23 2009

Eden Gallanter presents drawings and sculptures exploring the ecological and iterative nature of civilization.

Jun 15 2008

Karen Brummund worked with community volunteers to install the paper drawing of a barn on the barn at 135 Storm Road. Over 50 community members visited the installation and most donated drawings to the project. Photos and drawings from the event

May 11 2008

Temporary art installation VIDEO / Installation VIDEO / CornellCAST Students in Horticulture, with faculty and advisors, designed and created a green work of art that encompassed over an acre of land, and was viewed from the air. Cornell Chronicle May16.08 Cornell Chronicle May 02.08

Oct 30 2006

Adjunct Curator of the Permanent Collection, The Studio Museum in Harlem + Cornell University A.D. White Professor-at-Large October 30, 2006, 1:00–3:30 PM H.F. Johnson Museum of Art The museum in context extends the mission of the museum beyond connoisseurship into the physical and social conditions of its environment; the museum as context highlights the museum as a unique apparatus of meaning — uniquely separate from other modes of reception in the culture. The panel will...

Sep 21
May 08 2006

To inaugurate the CCA CornellPublic Installation Series to bring a major Contemporary Artist installation tp Cornell - the CCA invited artist Patrick Dougherty to create a series of public sculptures on Sheldon Court Plaza, Collegetown. Dougherty was engaged because of the "sustainable/all-natural" material quality of his work - he utilizes maple and willow saplings as the total structure of his pieces - and for the extremely public nature of his production technique - the artist...

Oct 14 2005

LIVE PERFORMANCE TO SILENT FILM: Alloy Orchestra performs original scores to accompany silent film Blackmail by Alfred Hitchcock, and the 1925 classic Phantom of the Opera. Oct 14 and 15, 2005, Willard Straight Theatre  

Oct 01 2005

Film Noir and Modern Architecture: Program of lectures, seminars, workshops and film series with Cornell Cinema. Professor of architecture, Thomas Hines (UCLA), and professor of film and media studies, Edward Dimendberg (UC-Irvine), focus on modernity, urban landscapes, and the American dream/nightmare.  

Sep 26 2005

SYMPOSIUM / EXHIBITION: A week-long event of interdisciplinary programming celebrating Turkish arts and culture, and exploring the emergence of Turkey as an industrial nation. Exhibition: Sept 26 - Oct 1, Willard Straight Art Gallery, Willard Straight Hall Symposium: Sept 30 - Oct 2 Classic Turkish Films: September 29 - November 1, Willard Straight Theatre

Apr 05 2005

Glenn Pushelberg, of the firm Yabu Pushelberg, lectures. Pushelberg's area of expertise is retail and restaurant design. Yabu Pushelberg has won the coveted James Beard Foundation design award for the Monsoon Restaurant and Lounge, and a Gold Key Award at the International Hotel & Restaurant Show for the Blue Fin Restaurant in Times Square, NYC.

Mar 01 2005

Three installations by visiting architecture critic Mason White and Lola Sheppard: vertical light rods reveal the landscape in new light, making the familiar environment unfamiliar and new.

Nov 13 2004

Film Screening/Live Performance. Buster Keaton's Sherlock Junior with live musical accompaniment by the BQE Project, Chamber Ensemble.

Apr 01 2004

Projection Installation by Kari Davis.  Images projected on three Collegetown locations: 1) The rear exterior facade of the Schwartz Center (SCPA) across from Eddygate Apartments 2) The rear exterior facade of the SCPA across from Cascadilla Hall 3) The exterior terrace between the SCPA and Sheldon Court

Jan 01
Jan 01 2004

Installation / exhibition by Catherine Callahan. Installation: Fall 2004, Monkey Run, Ithaca Exhibition and video documentation: Spring 2005, Hartell Gallery

Nov 08
Jan 01 2003

Works from the H.F. Johnson Museum's Collection by Janine Antoni and Patty Chang including Touch and Losing Ground. Performance by Patty Chang.

Apr 29 2003

Bruce Skiles Danzer Jr., AIA discussed his design philosophy and present several projects he has designed in the United States and Europe. Bruce Danzer was a principal at Studios Architecture in Washington, D.C. and London from 1987 to 2002. His clients included Apple Computer, Bloomberg, Young & Rubicam Advertising, Turner Broadcasting and CNN. In 2002, Bruce started his own firm, LAB [3.2]. Bruce Danzer has been a visiting lecturer at the Department of Design and Environmental...

Nov 09
Jan 12 2002

The Path of Roses was a Sufi-inspired installation of embroidered tapestries, calligraphic steel sculptures, decorated ceramic basins filled with rose water, a series of prints, and scroll-like silk banners.  Algerian artist Rachid Korachi created, in his own words, "an alphabet of memory that transcends the boundaries of space and time, in which the sacred and profane converge into one." In this way, Korachi merges a mystical symbolism with ideological issues.

Sep 29
Oct 12 2002
Feb 18
Feb 22 2002

Photo-documentary and Interactive Digital Display by Andrea Gaffney & Rayna Huber.  Candeal Pequeno is a low-income neighborhood in Salvador, Brazil.  The basis of the documentary was to study the founding policies of Pracatum's rehabilitation program and their effects upon the urban and architectural forms of the favela.

Feb 09
Feb 22 2002

Installation by Alexandre Champagne and Deina Luberts in the alley across from the Public Library in Ithaca.  The intervention intended to reveal the alley's dynamic qualities, serving as a commentary, projecting the alley as an artifact of the urbane, as a collector of remnants.

Oct 21
Oct 31 2001

Sculptor Rebecca Thompson's  "Seat of Many Blessings,"  a large maple bench which housed interdenominational blessings, was located in the upper floor of the Student Bookstore Coffee Shop. Holy water, an Aramaic prayer and items from a Tibetan healing mandala and Tibetan healing medicine, blessed by the Dali Lama in India, were all sealed within a hidden compartment. The concept was to promote an exchange of good will and blessings for all who sit on the bench.  

CYCLO, The Problem with Plastic Bags is a continuation of research begun in an architecture design studio where the project was to transform "trash" into a viable architectural material. This project focuses on HDPE filmy plastics and by spinning the plastic bags into tension cables, this phase of research foregrounds the construction of a hanging chair.