Nov 13
Music for a Room / A Room for Music

Space & Installation
November 13
Milstein Dome, Milstein Hall
Presented by Bradley Nathanson

In the creation of Music for a Room / A Room for Music, a sounding structure will be erected to function as a venue for its own musical performance. Challenging the distinctions made between the architect as a composer of space and the musician as a composer of time, the performed installation will seek to reconfigure common notions of musical instrument design in relation to architectural constructions. Guided by the fact that sound is an essential component to our experience of the built environment, an architectural design process emerges which is led by principles of resonance, harmonics, tone, timbre, dynamics, amplification, and feedback. The musical performance, then, will materialize as a result of the natural sonic expression of the architectural device's materials, dimensions and connections. As humans are already unable to separate their experience of space and time, Music for a Room / A Room for Music emerges from the belief that through this medium of spatio-temporal composition there is much to discover, both as composers and users of the built environment.

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