Aug 15
Oct 15

TEXTURE is an eclectic exhibition that emerged from a simple and (intentionally) vague prompt: texture.

Sep 14
Sep 28

Pulse serves as a space for reflection and mindfulness - a refuge from the avalanche of information which we consume.

Nov 05
Oct 11

Questioning perception through the use of weight, scale and materiality in the search of the uncanny or unspecified,  Sophia Starling MFA’19, explores these ideas in her new show, The Unforgiving Mould.

Nov 12
Nov 16

A Cliff is a solo exhibition by Bruno Cancado focusing in sculpture and photography, exploring the physicality of things and the socio-cultural memory inherent in materials and shapes. The exhibition is an investigation of the relationship between architecture and nature.

Nov 15

We aim to connect students and address the social climate at Cornell. Our collaboration aims to initiate a dialogue on campus about the issues we individually and collectively face and express these through design and art. 

Nov 16

Celebrating the completion of Dilmun Hill's new storage barn, student club Building Community is making a set of furniture and shelving units for use during CSA pickups and workshop events held by the student-run organic farm.