Oct 20

Marianthi Papalexandri Alexandri developed in collaboration with Kinetic Swiss Artist Pe Lang, Contact Points is a sound installation that uses metallic pins to strike different tones in an emergent and errand manner creating a captivatiing elegance. 

Nov 07

The Momenta Quartet and master Javanese musician Darsono Hadiraharjo join forces with the Cornell Gamelan Ensemble, directed by Christopher J. Miller, to perform new works for gamelan and string quartet by Cornell DMA students Can Bilir, Miles Friday, and Piyawat Louilarpprasert. 

Dec 04

ICE and Cornell composers will work to toy with different notions of sound production and the volatile relationship between performativity, theater, and sound. The way in which sound is produced and listened to within the concert hall is a grand performance in itself. 

Mar 21

The talented trio of Japanese violinist Noyuri Hazama, baroque cellist and violist da gamba musician Eva Lymenstull, and keyboardist Shin Hwang, explore the more singable works of Shubert and Beethoven centered around the composer's inspiration from the Lied (Germanic songs).