Jan 30 - Feb 02 2020
Ithaca Sounding 2020

Performance & Music
January 30 - February 2, 2020
Multiple locations
Presented by Richard Valitutto

Ithaca Sounding 2020 is a multi-day, multi-venue festival and symposium celebrating, exploring, and questioning the traditions of modernist and experimental concert music by Ithacans past and present. It features keyboard works by composers Julius Eastman, Sarah Hennies, Robert Palmer, Ann Silsbee, and David Borden. Connecting and mediating the themes of music in the academy, marginalized art, improvisational performance practice, and queer experimentalism, this interdisciplinary series of events probes the creative and personal histories of some of Ithaca’s most renowned musical personae with concerts, workshops, talks, presentations, and readings.

Featured presenters include musicologists Sara Haefeli (Ithaca College), Ellie Hisama (Columbia), and Matthew Mendez (Yale). Featured performers include the acclaimed New York City pianists Joseph Kubera, Adam Tendler, and Cornell alumnus David Friend, the Ithacan composer and percussionist Sarah Hennies, and festival coordinator and pianist Richard Valitutto, a DMA performance practice student in the Cornell Music Department. 

Thursday, January 30
12:30-1:15pm (B20 Lincoln Hall, Cornell)
     Concert 1: Midday Music: In Search of Robert Palmer

4:30-6pm (124 Lincoln Hall, Cornell)
Decolonizing the Curriculum

7-8pm (Johnson Museum Lobby, Cornell)
     Concert 2: Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract

Friday, January 31
10am-12pm (124 Lincoln Hall, Cornell)
     Panel: Listening Locally: Intersectionality and Contemporary Music

5-6:30pm (Iger Lecture Hall, Whalen Center for Music , Ithaca College)
     Lecture: A Persistent Obsession with Identity
8pm (Barnes Hall, Cornell)
     Concert 3: Letters, Stories, and Journeys for 1 & 2 Pianos

Saturday, February 1
10am-12pm (B21 Lincoln Hall, Cornell)
     Lecture: Julius Eastman’s Heterological Perspectives and Queer Practices

2-3pm (B20 Lincoln Hall, Cornell)
     Concert 4: That Which is Fundamental

7pm (Hockett Hall, Whalen Center for Music , Ithaca College)
     Concert 5: Festival Finale | Julius Eastman: Joy Boy / Femenine (preconcert lecture at 6pm)

Sunday, February 2
12-2pm (Buffalo Street Books, Ithaca)
     Reading: Poems and Memoirs by Musicians (who also Write)

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