Sep 22 - Sep 28 2019
Melting: A Cultural Collocation

Visual + Media Arts
September 22-28, 2019
Tjaden Experimental Gallery, Tjaden Hall
Presented by Vaidehi Reddy

Melting is when individuals lose their individuality to create a new identity, as a cross cultural artist: melting is what I feel my art is, still melting to become something new! 

My focus is on culture. Culture is a secretive thing. It is out in the open for everyone to see, yet it is ingrained in our psyche, so deep, that uprooting it would almost be impossible. In an attempt to showcase such blending of cultures throughout time and space, I have taken inspiration from the modernists, while keeping my classic training alive. The colours of Matisse inspire me, as do the classic architectural forms of Piranesi. The colours of my homeland dance around me , while the metal from the earth sings around me. The beeping of a computer, and modern digitization bring to life, my creations, while I stand at a standstill between time, space and culture, itself.