Sep 28 2019
Geographic and Temporal Dialogues (Time and Place)

Performance & Music
September 28; 8pm
B20 Lincoln Hall
Presented by Cornell Contemporary Chamber Players

Is there a "Cornell sound?" Is there an "East Coast" style? If so, do these two tendencies influence one another, or are they independent of each other? If there is some sort of sound or style associated with both Cornell and the East Coast, have these styles changed over time, and how so? How great of an influence are time and place on creators?

Cornell Contemporary Chamber players will collaborate with NYC's Unheard-of//Ensemble to present an evening of performances which investigates the influences of time and place on the current graduate student composers within Cornell's distinguished composition department, as well as alumnus composers of the past. CCCP presents Unheard-of//Ensemble, playing new works by Miles Friday, Joshua Biggs, John Eagle, Corey Keating, Christopher Stark, and Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei.

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