Mar 09 2019
From Here

Visual + Media Arts
March 9
Barton Hall 
Presented by Mia Campolo 

From Here marries traditionally masculine silhouettes and feminine styles in an attempt to disavow the ill-conceived notions of the “feminist” wardrobe. In the late 1800s, European women were not only legally banned from wearing pants, but their clothes were even explicitly pocket-less to prevent them from carrying their own money, travel documents and weapons. Today, American society hasn’t progressed far past that oppressive period. Women are constantly evaluated, even ridiculed, for what they wear, whether it’s out with their friends, in the workplace, or on screen. Dress in stereotypically feminine garments or colors and you’re weak and not to be taken seriously. Choose a power pantsuit and you’re a cold-hearted bitch. Put on a short skirt and you no longer respect yourself or support women’s rights. From Here blurs the line that segregates “feminine” and “masculine” clothing in an attempt to redefine what it means to dress like a feminist.

Thank you to my family for always believing in me and investing in my dreams, and thank you to all my friends for your unconditional support.

Saturday, March 9: 7:00 pm

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