CYCLO: The Problem with Plastic (bags)

Space + Installation
April 2019
Architecture School (exact location TBD)
Presented by Lucy Flieger

CYCLO, The Problem with Plastic Bags is a continuation of research begun in an architecture design studio titled, CYCLO: Architectures of Waste, taught by Caroline O'Donnell in the Fall of 2017. Students were asked to choose a specific non-recyclable item, and subsequently manipulate them in order to transform "trash" into a viable architectural material. This project focuses on HDPE filmy plastics. By spinning plastic bags into tension cables and weaving them to form a tensile net, a material that is so often considered as "single-use" or inherently disposable presents a unique potential for architectural application. While the original project proposed a tensile flooring system, this phase of research foregrounds the construction of a hanging chair. Unlike the original, this project gives autonomy to the plastic bag itself. The use of steel is minimized, and the plastic bag itself forms the structure and form of the chair. 

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