Nov 16 2018
Barn-Warming: A Celebration of Dilmun Hill

Space & Installation
November 16
Dilmun Hill Student Farm 
Presented by Buliding Community

Celebrating the completion of Dilmun Hill's new storage barn, student club Building Community is making a set of furniture and shelving units for use during CSA pickups and workshop events held by the student-run organic farm. Sharing the farm's commitment to sustainable practice, the furniture will be built out of locally available re-used materials, much of it coming directly from Dilmun Hill. Throughout the design and construction process, the club will collaborate with and draw from the experience of craftspeople in the broader Ithaca community. The project strives to unite Cornell students and Ithaca residents under the notion that beautiful design, empathy, and sustainable practice can exist harmoniously.  

Friday, Novemeber 16 

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