Mar 01 2018
Research Theatre: Last Name Tran

Visual & Media Arts
March 27th, 2018
Lewis Auditorium (Goldwin Smith G76)
Presented by Yen Vu

Dans la zone libre / In the Free Zone is a three-act play, written by Yen Vu (Romance Studies), that emerged as a creative project based on a history of colonial labor conscription during World War I & II. During the Second World War alone, 20,000 Vietnamese men were brought to France to assist in the war effort, first destined for factories and later for private industries. Set in the midst of the Vichy government, the story follows a group of Vietnamese workers in Southern France. There is Thanh, an ambitious youth in his early 20s who never finished his baccalaurat due to costs, Cuong, a wise forty-year-old who hides his ability to read Nietzsche regularly because of the tensions with Germany at the time, and enthusiastic Loic, who is naïve but eager to learn about colonialism, communism and all the –isms in between. Along with the other men in their company, they learn the French language, the philosophies of work and freedom, and the possibilities open to them once in France.

Tuesday, March 27: 6:00pm

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