Sep 22 - Sep 23 2017
Challenging Habitual Responses to Other- and Newness

Performance & Music
September 22-23; 3pm
Studio 320, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
Presented by Mariaenrica Giannuzzi and Louise Lauritzen

The campus of Cornell University is densely populated by languages. In their everyday lives, moving through Cornell space and time, every student, staff, faculty, etc. encounters many such languages. They slurp their soup in Zeus with the language of philosophy, of Spanish, and science fiction on the side; they attend lectures in Gates Hall environed by the language of Java and Stata; finally cross Campus Road, enter a brick-red building to the languages of leadership and employees.

But how aware are we of this plentitude of language that surrounds us? How aware is the grad student at the Department of Comparative Literature whose campus life primarily transpires in the symbiosis of Goldwin Smith and Klarmann Hall, of the language spoken in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences? We acknowledge their presence, but often apply habitual responses to them. We engage with the language we understand, yet shy away from or disregard those with which we are not immediately affiliated.

By using texts and dance improvisation we create a platform on which participants are offered the suspense-filled gap permeating every original composition. We will dance texts and everyone will be able to deconstruct habitual responses to the other- and newness that defines untrodden (academic) disciplines and genres. 

With help of Brad Burgess (Living Theatre/Segal Centre, CUNY) participants will be introduced to the work of The Living Theatre and challenged to share sensorial experiences with languages.