Apr 23 - Apr 29 2017

Visual + Media Arts
April 23-29, 2017
Opening reception: April 27 @ 5pm
Tjaden Experimental Gallery
Presented by Steav Kim (BFA '19)

Pursuit attempts to encapsulate the state of existence between life and a waking dream. Every waking moment exists to please one’s self over oneself. Life pedals through continuous deciphering of facades // abstractions // distortions // desire // distress. Any meager reach to command and transform an experience // memory into pictorial representation seem vain. Every moment exists to decease. These limitations perpetuate my infatuation with the artistic practice of death. I intend to explore narratives that stand to justify fleeting memory and resolving personal influences. Pursuit perseveres. Pursuit purveys the past and future walking hand in hand toward an uncertain path, a path neither narrow nor wide. Memory feeds imagination to compound portraits // stillness. It was only in the depths of muses I never expected // imagined // dreamed // nor wished for in which I opened incredible insight into what could be.

Why in the midst of the siren song I do not recognize that life parodies the muse itself?

William Blake may have illustration of the Book of Job, I – however – have lived it. Sung every song and scribed every Psalm. I’ve burned every dandy just to see how ashes fly. Maybe it’s best if I don’t dream but walk in the (waking) illustrations of reality.

Pursuit mocks all shapes of sanity.

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