May 20 - May 28 2017
Down to Earth

Visual + Media Arts
May 20-28, 2017
Jill Stuart Gallery, HEB
Presented by Kennedy Rauh and Rachel Powell

Having been heavily influenced by the power of natural dyes, Fiber Science and Apparel Design seniors Kennedy Rauh and Rachel Powell will display the development of their journeys using natural dyes in Down to Earth. Focusing on Hopi Sunflower Seeds, Acorns, Eucalyptus, Turmeric, Indigo, Madder Root, Cochineal, Alkanet, and Sandalwood, they will display methods of experimentation, research, and outcomes. On display will be samples of these natural dyes applied to a variety of fabrics, in addition to final pieces from their senior collections. With this exhibition, they hope to highlight opportunities for more eco-friendly fashion, allowing the community full access into an uncommon process of the industry. “We will not only get our hands dirty in the process, but we will get down to earth and bring our audience on the journey with us.”

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