Nov 14 - Nov 18 2016
The Light House is Not a Nautical Themed Bar

Visual + Media Arts
November 14 - November 18, 2016
Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery

Last year, I started taking photographs of the lighting district along the Bowery in New York City in order to create a record of this historic place and time. I began by photographing the store’s window displays responding to their highly improvised, fragile and visually complex arrangements. Originally photographing at night, I eventually switched to shooting during the day after noticing a double exposure quality to the images arising from the reflections on the storefront glass. The layering of the actual objects in the display and the external reflections created a space between visibility and invisibility and loss. Shot during the day, the lamps ceased to function as lamps and took on a spectral character.

Though there is a sense of real urgency to the project with the situation in the district changing day to day, the intention of this exhibit is to create a place of meditation on the simultaneity of movement and stillness of this fading future.