Nov 12 - Dec 17 2016
Studio Immersion

Space + Installation
November 12 - December 17, 2016
Jill Stuart Gallery

For a month’s time Mark Colbran and David Wild will be living in the Jill Stuart Gallery in the Human Ecology Building on the Cornell Ithaca Campus. Through extended 24-hour access to the space, they will exhibit a collaborative creative process as it forms final work through material and process experimentation.  Throughout the month the two will apply themselves first and foremost to this creation, emerging only to attend classes and other serious obligations. This project is investigating a potential professional model in the university setting and will show how commitments and motivations balance and drive us outside of our classes. Being on constant display in a fishbowl, and recorded through a live stream video like zoo animals, this exhibition will showcase the unknown process and mysterious production that goes into the pieces normally shown in galleries.