Mar 24 - Mar 27 2003
Glory Box

Performance artist Tim Miller, widely known as one of the "NEA Four", who was pressured by the United States Congress to return an NEA grant because the content of his work was deemed too controversial as it included homoerotic references, gave a performance in March, 2003. 
Glory Box is a funny, sexy and political work that addresses the injustices facing lesbian and gay couples in America. It recounts the trials Miller has been forced to undergo in trying to keep his Australian partner in the United States.  Says Miller, "I want the piece to conjure for the audience a new glory box, a new kind of hope chest, that can be an alternative site for the placing of memories, hopes and dreams of gay people's extraordinary potential for love."
Miller's performance, workshop and informal meetings were part of the CCA's Art & Politics / Politics & Art Themed Initiative.