Oct 04 2016
The A to Z of Cornflakes

Visual + Media Arts
October 4, 2016; 4:30pm
142 Goldwin Smith
Reception to follow in the History of Art Gallery
Presented by the Visual Culture Colloquium

The A to Z of Conflict is an artist’s book project that imagines what a commonplace children’s ABC book would look like if all the letters, all the words and all the images were chosen in relation to the subject of conflict. The project that uses three languages — English, Sinhala and Tamil — these are the three main languages spoken in Sri Lanka, a country torn apart by decades of civil war.

Raking Leaves is an award-winning organization based in Sri Lanka that commissions and publishes artist’s book projects. An important aspect of all Raking Leaves books is that they involve working closely with artists on a stand-alone art project, taking the form of mass produced, affordably priced books, that anyone can own and access. Though Raking Leaves is a small, and relatively young curatorial publisher, it always tries to test the limits of a how a book might be thought of as an artwork. Raking Leaves has always been committed to addressing the needs of artists and audiences who live in regions of the world where more accessible approaches to creating, presenting and learning about contemporary art are required. This will be the first public talk about its forthcoming book project The A-Z of Conflict.

Biography: Sharmini Pereira is the founder and director of Raking Leaves and the Sri Lanka Archive of Contemporary Art, Architecure and Design. In 2014 she curated the Garden of Ideas – Contemporary Art from Pakistan as Guest Curator for the opening exhibiton of the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. In 2011 she was the international guest curator of the Abraaj Capital Art Prize and in 2006 she co-curated the first Singapore Biennale. Her writing has appeared in South East of Now, Mousse Magazine, Guggenheim online, Art Asia Pacific, Groundviews and Imprint amongst others. She is a judge for the forthcoming 2017 Geoffrey Bawa Award for Architecture, and currently lives and works in Sri Lanka and New York.

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