Oct 05 - Oct 09 2015
+/- : Margin of Error

Space & Installation
October 5 - 9, 2015
Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery
Reception: October 6, 5 PM 

Presented by Jared Curtis (B.Arch '16) and Jose Ibarra (B.Arch '17), “Margin of Error” is space to relate with. Participants join to embrace an atmosphere of multiplicities, actual and virtual. Visitors to the exhibition experience feedback loops created by passing through this cloud of the virtual, their emotions rendered purely a registry of these interference patterns. Components of this thought experiment bleed beyond the gallery context in both space and time, notably through the establishment of a telephonic-dataserver confessional service (4049190208). The total (net)work of art seeks to unearth fresh methods of relating elapsed time with physically constant space, forming/installing analog-digital hybrids that allow an alien engagement with the familiar.

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