Sep 26 2015
Memory Project

Performance & Music
September 26, 2015; 7:30 pm
Kiplinger Theater, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
Presented by the Department of Performing and Media Arts

Wu Wenguang, independent documentary filmmaker, and five other performance and video artists from Beijing, will bring their Memory Project, a dance/theater/multimedia performance, to the Schwartz Center in collaboration with Cornell students in film, dance, theater, and design to create an original production.

Wu created the Memory Project in 2010, its relevance continuing today with each new collaborator. It focuses on The Great Famine and other overlooked histories in China. Working in video and dance to craft performances and videos, Wu and his collaborators dig into the unexplored history of each artist’s native village. Collaborating with Wen Hui, they have also engaged with professional and untrained dancers -- rural farmers, construction workers, laborers. Using focused methods of inquiry, they examine through improvisation and conversations the actual lives of people, shaping works that are reflections of daily realities and that are connected directly to the people. They create performances that are densely textured with dance, theater, music, and vocal elements, all in close collaboration with Wu’s video work. His handheld camera inserts itself among the moving bodies, often in unplanned shots, recording unscripted interview material, losing the defining boundaries between the video artist and the subjects he is filming.

Documentary production is one of the important creations of the Memory Project, with fourteen filmmakers having completed more than thirty feature films over the four years. Last year, Wu curated a select number of them which toured at film festivals and universities in the United States and Europe.

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