Apr 18 - Jun 14 2015
Revolt: Aesthetics of Dissent and Disgust

Space & Installation
April 18 - June 14, 2015
Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Presented by the History of Art Majors' Society

Each year the Johnson Museum provides an opportunity for students in the History of Art Majors’ Society to gain direct curatorial experience by organizing an exhibition and its associated programs and publishing a catalogue. The 2015 exhibition characterizes opposition and resistance to prevailing social, cultural, or political mores. In dialogue with international and local uprisings and insurrections found in the Johnson and other campus institutions’ collections, the exhibition presents Cornell as a locus for rebellion and innovation throughout its one hundred and fifty years. By showcasing the use of unorthodox, radical aesthetics to subversive ends, Revolt argues for art’s ability to participate in the creation of new realities.

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