Mar 20 - Mar 21 2015
Dancing Hip Hop Symposium

Performance + Music
March 20-21, 2015
Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
Presented by the Department of Performing and Media Arts 

This first of its kind, the Symposium event will bring together contemporary dancers, renowned scholars, and pioneering Hip Hop cultural activists to bridge Hip Hop dance and Dance Studies, seeking to build upon dance in the Cornell Hip Hop Collection, and further the scholarly production and preservation of Hip Hop. The timely event will also connect Cornell's past to its present, by serving as part of the #150events in PMA's campaign to celebrate the University's Sesquicentennial and situate Hip Hop dance in relation to Cornell's broader history of dance.

The symposium will offer a variety of ways to engage Hip Hop dance—keynote, panel discussion, choreography and improvisational workshops, concert performances, and dance on film. Distinguished scholar and choreographer Thomas DeFrantz will deliver the keynote and a group of invited artists will share their latest artistic works, offer movement workshops, and add their oral histories as pioneers and cultural bearers to the Hip Hop Collection. A panel of scholars will present their research and discuss the potentials and pitfalls of institutionalizing Hip Hop dance and Dance Studies. Local dance groups have partnered to sponsor, produce, and showcase at this event including Absolute Zero, BASE Productions, Breakfree, Greatest Common Factor, Phenomenon Step Crew, and Urban Blaze. In each scheduled activity, local and non-local participants will grapple with what it means to know, learn, research, and live Hip Hop through dance. 

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