Oct 01 2014
The Charles Babbage Memorial Flight and Payload: Live Flight

Performance + Music
Date and Time TBD
Cornell University Arts Quad (between White Hall and Lincoln Hall)

As part of The Charles Babbage Memorial Flight and Payload project, new media artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer will be performing a live flight on Cornell University's Arts Quad.

For this performance an unmaned aerial vehicle will be used to airdrop 2,575,000 pure-gold leaflets over Arts Quad. Each leaflet is many times smaller than a red blood cell and engraved with a quote from Charles Babbage's 1838 book "The Ninth Bridgewater Treatise" wherein the influential English polymath, and "father of the computer", posits that the atmosphere is a vast library recording of everything that has ever been said. 

The project is about the shared commons: every aerosol in use, every smoke emission, every word spoken becomes a part of our atmosphere—there is no such thing as objective distance.

This event is part of the Cornell Council for the Arts’ 2014 Biennial, "Intimate Cosmologies: The Aesthetics of Scale in an Age of Nanotechnology."