Nov 08 - Nov 09 2013
The Alloy Orchestra Returns

Performance + Music

Events in Series:
The General  |  November 8, 2013  |  7:30 PM  |  Willard Straight Theatre
Informal Chat with the Alloy | November 9, 2013  |  4-5:15 PM  |  Argos Inn, 408 E. State St.
He Who Gets Slapped  |  November 9, 2013  |  7:15 PM  |  Willard Straight Theatre

Cornell Cinema welcomes back the Cambridge-based Alloy Orchestra for a weekend engagement during which they’ll perform their original scores with two different programs. The Alloy has been creating original scores for restored silent films since the early ‘90s and have emerged as the best, and best-known, silent film accompanists in the world, each year premiering their latest work at the prestigious Telluride Film Festival. The three-man ensemble—Roger C. Miller on synthesizer, Terry Donahue on junk percussion, accordion, saw and banjo, and Ken Winokur on junk percussion and clarinet.

This year they will perform with the Buster Keaton classic, The General, "arguably the greatest screen comedy ever made” (Time Out Film Guide), and one of the most powerful silent dramas ever made, acclaimed Swedish-born director Victor Sjöström's He Who Gets Slapped, about a scientist who is humiliated and joins the circus as a clown, eventually finding redemption when he falls in love with another circus performer.

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