May 03 2014
SoundSpace (formerly The Aura) featuring Cornell Chamber Orchestra

Performance & Music
May 3, 2014 
7 p.m., Bailey Hall
Free and open to the public, no tickets required 

Ray Li, B.S. '14 and Michael Ndubuisi, B.S. '14, will present their new musical instrument, SoundSpace, which allows the musician to control sound simply by moving their hands in the air.

SoundSpace (formerly The Aura) is a comprehensive gestural interface for live music performance. SoundSpace consists of several motion-based instruments, as well as the ability to record and manipulate loops of these instruments. In SoundSpace, sound is seen as a tangible thing which can be "shaped" through physical touch. Sound can be muffled by closing the fists or distorted when twisted in the air. Additionally, sound will be represented visually with projected graphics. SoundSpace seeks to make the performance of electronic music more exciting for audiences and more intuitive for performers. At the event, SoundSpace will showcase from 7-8pm, followed by the Cornell Chamber Orchestra from 8-9pm, during which there will be one collaborative piece between SoundSpace and the Orchestra.

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