Sep 23 - Oct 04 2013
Sound of Space

Space & Installation
September 23 – October 4, 2013
John Hartell Gallery, Sibley Dome

Visitors encounter an object. An object unlike any other they have seen before. As they approach the object, light filters through its openings. One man places his ear near an opening where he is serenaded by the humming tune of the object. The participant presses his ear closer to fully experience the object. Its form captures and filters atmospheric noise. Each vessel produces a different harmony, as if speaking multiple languages.

Sound of Space is a ceramic installation that reveals the relationship between form, sound, light, and space. Presented by James Blair (M.Arch. ’13) and Mia Miyoung Kang (M.Arch. ’13), the project is an interactive digitally crafted ceramic installation where visitors can listen, touch, and examine a wall through various openings that filter atmospheric noise. The installation responds depending on the environment in which it resides. The wall is an assembly of multiple ceramic vessels. Designed digitally and crafted through traditional means, each vessel varies in neck length, as well as front and back openings. The variance in neck length and diameter of openings capture and filter diverse sound to be received and interpreted by the listener.

The assembly of digital ceramics derived from nonlinear algorithmic design techniques with digital fabrication and analog making. For the production of ceramic pieces, algorithmic design techniques are combined with digital fabrication via the use of a 4-axis CNC. This harmonic interchange between digital and analog continues throughout the process and production which allows us to loop these processes and to fine tune the listening vessels. We adjust its form which ultimately influences various filtered noise.