Apr 12 2014
Terra Cielo

Visual & Media
April 12, 2014
Barton Hall
Presented by Stephanie Gitto, B.Arch '14
at the Cornell Fashion Collective 30th Annual Fashion Show

Architecture acts at all scales, from broad concepts and urban interventions to the subtlety of light transforming a space and the minutiae of elemental connection details. Architecture also responds and interacts with elements of all scales, from the vastness of the horizon, to the specificity of the human. Architecture consistently deals with issues of gravity, structure, light, color, space, landscape, site, and form.  

This is an architecture that bridges a variety of scales: the meeting at the horizon, the juxtaposition of earth and sky, the human and its motion, distinct structural elements, connection details, and issues of light and color. This is an architectural collage: elements that meet, contrast, and juxtapose to become something greater than its singular inputs. This is a wearable architecture: here, the body acts as site and explores how form, structure, color and collage can interact and move with the human figure. This is a 5-garment fashion line that explores the concepts of the juxtaposition and collision of earth and sky. The line will be constructed and represented through contrasting material typologies, color specificity and double-sided fabrics, rigorous folding creating heavy and structural elements, subtle albeit deliberate crinkling of gossamer materials creating soft textures, and silhouettes recalling abrupt landforms and vast skies.