Apr 14 - Apr 18 2014
A Cultural Anthropology of Television Noise

Space + Installation / Visual + Media / Performance + Music
April 14-18, 2014
Duffield Atrium + Cornell Cinema
Park Atkinson Doing

Television noise expresses the changing technological capabilities of visual broadcast technology. We are all exposed to the rhythms, colors, textures, motions, and other formal elements of television noise in the course of our lives. What is the effect of this 'unconscious' visual and sonic interaction with technology? How do we relate to such 'cultural' signals from the past through recordings? What is normal visual noise? How are engineers involved in this 'cultural technological unconscious'? “A Cultural Anthropology of Television Noise” explores this interaction first through an installation in the Duffield Atrium. Televisions from each decade that television has been operational will be displaying 'archival' noise from clips broadcast during the time period of each set. For the sets from time periods when visual controls were accessible to the consumer, viewers of the display are encouraged to alter the signal via those controls. Second, a screening of ‘found footage’ noise from the history of television followed by a live concert of music and interactive TV noise projections will be held at the Cornell Cinema. Come relive the history of television through the artistic noise made by the machines themselves and celebrate our continued cultural collaboration with them!

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