May 01 - May 03 2014
Locally Grown Dance Festival/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels

Performance & Music
May 1-3, 2014, 7:30pm
Kiplinger Theater, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts
Directed by Jumay Chu, Byron Suber & E.D. Intemann 

LGDF/Cultivating Space: Mid-Levels will explore the Society for the Humanities theme of “Occupation: From Space and Time to Practice and Politics” as the dramatic and psychological imaginings of a space, as conceived by dancers and musicians together. What would it be to break through the physical limitation in the theater, to see a stage that is literally unbound, rather than having dancers tied to the floor plan, to have dancers occupy the vertical space, dancing on top of one another, challenging our preconceptions of danceable space? The different planes of dancing are like the different levels of urban living. Each of us has a history, a kind of archaeology, layer on layer: we can imagine ourselves as instantly present all the time, but we also understand that we each live on top of the past, and that the future rests on our shoulders. The set design of Mid-Levels challenges us to not only move forward and back, but to travel up and down, on elevators, highways, and the corridors of our cities.

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