May 04 2013
Pulse 2013

Performance & Music
May 4, 2013
Bailey Hall
Presented by Cornell Taiko (Yamatai)

Cornell’s one and only Taiko drumming (Japanese drumming) group, will perform at PULSE 2013, The concert will incorporate traditional Taiko pieces as well as original compositions by Yamatai alumni, and songs taught by Bonten, a professional Taiko group in Japan. This year, Yamatai is inviting other student performance groups and Ithaca community groups to join them on stage as we have done in the past two years. With a record number of members, more lyrical songs, and new arrangements of our pieces, Yamatai is looking forward to an exciting and dynamic PULSE 2013.

In order to prepare for the their annual Spring concert, Yamatai hosted Taiko Professional, Mark H. Rooney. Mark H. Rooney hosted a weekend long workshop at Cornell. Mark H. had been the Artistic Director of Odaiko New England, the premier Taiko group in New England, from 2008 to 2010, and has travelled the World practicing Taiko with some of today’s most distinguished Taiko players.Throughout the his visit, Mark H. placed great emphasis on the history of Taiko and its Japanese heritage; however he also placed an equal amount of emphasis on the performance aspect of Taiko and the growth of Taiko towards becoming a part of World music.