Apr 15 - Apr 26 2013
Ply Candy

Space & Installation
Dean's Room, Mann Library
April 15, 2013 - April 26, 2013

“Ply Candy” is a furniture exhibition by BFA student Michelle Chen that explores the eschewed domain of surface decoration, challenging what furniture could be visually beyond form and function. Candy is considered excessive and unnecessary, yet it is a guilty pleasure that many of us nevertheless indulge in. The same sentiments applies to decoration. Patterns, surface designs, and imagery will never cease to be tremendously engaging precisely because it is a form of excess—it intrigues because it exists outside the domain of duty and necessity. An eye lost in visual decorations may be interpreted to be a distracted mind, but it can also be seen as a mind deeply engaged with its surroundings through ways of seeing. This series of furniture that does not necessarily address the functionality of a space, but simply what furniture can be for an individual in a moment of idleness and daydreaming.