Apr 07 - Apr 24 2013
Hydroponic Bottle Wall

Space & Installation
Stella's Restaurant Down Bar
April 7 - 24, 2013
Lecture: April 24th at 5PM in Milstein Auditorium followed by a hydroponics-themed reception in Stella's Down Bar

Students Peter Gudonis (B.Arch '14) and Carly Dean (B.Arch '14) are designing, constructing and exhibiting a hydroponic installation, which is conceptually derived from an interest in urban agriculture and incorporating green spaces, green roofs, growing facades, hydroponics, aeroponics and other productive technologies in buildings. This installation fuses furniture design with current innovative technologies associated with urban agriculture and uses all locally sourced and recycled materials. The installation is be a microcosm of the growing trend of incorporating agriculturally productive systems into urban areas and buildings as well as an aesthetic and gastronomically productive addition to the lower bar of Stella’s Bar and Restaurant.

The installation will be part wine rack and part hydroponics but is placed in a larger conceptual context of demonstrating how design has the potential to improve the eminent urban food-crisis: food deserts, high food miles, and limited access to affordable healthy, organic, and local produce. As a hydroponics system in Ithaca, the installation will demonstrate the potential of small-scale interventions to improve the global ‘food-crisis’ and analyze the available technologies for the actualization of a self-sufficient, closed-loop agricultural system.

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Carly and Peter will be presenting at the Red Ideas Festival, Saturday 4/6/13 at 8PM in Physical Sciences Building Room 154, Clark Atrium. See their Facebook event here.