Mar 02 - Mar 12 2010
[re order] the patterns of nature

Mann Library Gallery
[re] order explores two extremely different visions of nature and order. These visions are taken on by two Landscape Architecture student artists who [re]interpreted certain events seen in nature and converted them to art.

aloe [poly]flection–art installation by I. Maria Calderon (BA '10), probes the elemental compositi on of the Aloe polyphyla plant, its generative patterning, skeletal framework and perseverance of the Fibonacci Sequence as a basis for understanding its poeti c att ributes. Aloe [poly]fl ecti on unfolds into the fl oor space and reveals the elegance of the Aloe polyphyla plant through refl ecti ve constructi on materials that create a piece amenable to the human scale.

apocalypse–an exhibition of images by Eammon Coughlin (MLA '11 candidate), combines visual works with the writt en word to bridge various disciplines of philosophy, art and design. The text, drawing on social and ecological criti cism, att empts a criti que of sustainability and environmentalism through the lens of "apocalypse."