Sep 09 - Sep 13 2013
Why Not Look at Me?

Visual and Media
Olive Tjaden Gallery
September 9 - 13, 2013
Reception: Sept. 9, 5-7 PM, Tjaden Gallery, Olive Tjaden Hall

Presented by graduate students Ferdinand Kohle and Maximillian Spielmann, "Why Not Look At Me?" explores how scientific imaging technologies play a key role in investigating the natural world. They enable us to see the “invisible”, from the smallest molecule, to the most distant planets in our universe. We have mapped the topography of the entire seafloor via satellite and visualized biological processes that occur within each of us.

But what do these different "scales" mean to us? 

Can our minds actually experience the “Nanoworld” and the “Megaworld”, or must we be satisfied by the shadows cast upon the walls by scientific experiments?