Apr 22 2012
CornellCinema - Terje Vigen with Live Music Accompaniment

Sunday, April 22, 2012 7:15pm Willard Straight Theatre

Cornell Cinema presents the classic Swedish silent film, Terje Vigen, with live accompaniment by Swedish composer/musician Matti Bye on amplified piano, glockenspiel & electronic devices.

Terje Vigen (A Man There Was)

Directed by Victor Sjöström

With Victor Sjöström, Edith Erastoff, August Falck

Victor Sjöström is known as the father of Swedish film and he ranks among the masters of world cinema. His work had a profound influence on Ingmar Bergman among many other international directors. This early film is based on a poem of the same title by Henrik Ibsen and it tells the story of a proud sailor who lives in a small coastal town whose food supply is cut off by a British blockade. Risking his life to bring food back to his village and his family, Terje Vigen is captured and shown no mercy by the commanding officer. Years later, when this same officer's family finds itself dependent on Terje's beneficence, Terje must decide whether to avenge himself. At the time, it was the most expensive Swedish film ever made, and it marked the beginning of the golden age of Swedish silent film. Matti Bye is widely considered one of Sweden's most important composers of film scores and an extraordinary performer with his own, incomparable style of improvisation on the piano.  In 2008 he wrote the score for Academy Award nominee Jan Troell's feature Everlasting Moments and he is regularly invited to perform at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival. He describes Terje Vigen as "a very Scandinavian film, dark and beautiful, with nature, and man's place in it, as the main focus of the story." Read more about him at www.mattibye.com. Shown with the new short film The Birth of a Moving Image (15 mins), which will also be accompanied by Matti Bye. A tribute to early filmmaking, the piece is a visual re-mix of the 1-minute film Danse Serpentine from 1900 by the Lumière brothers, using only material from the original 35mm reel. Direction, edit and animation by David Giese; music by Matti Bye.

1917 > Sweden > total running time: 1 hr 5 mins

See an excerpt at: http://vimeo.com/6243957