May 11 - May 13 2012
Music, Cognition and Technology Conference + Concert

A.D. White House, Barnes Hall, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

Taylan Cihan, DMA ’12 candidate in the Department of Music, will present a series of events including concerts, a sound installation and a conference on music, cognition and technology. The project will feature guest composer Tod Machover, professor of Music and Media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is widely recognized as one of the most significant and innovative composers of his generation, and is also celebrated for inventing new technology for music, including Hyperinstruments which he launched in 1986.

The project will include musicians, performers and composers from Cornell and Ithaca College. Keynotes will be given by Eric Clarke (University of Oxford), Ichiro Fujinaga (McGill University) and Carol Krumhansl (Cornell University).

Provisional schedule of events:

May 11: A.D. White House
Conference: 9AM - 5PM
Concert: 2PM

May 11: Barnes Hall
Pre-concert Talk: 7PM-8PM
Concert with music by Tod Machover performed by Argento Chamber Ensemble: 8PM

May 12: Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Concert: 12:30PM
Pre-concert Talk: 7PM-8PM
Concert: 8PM

May 13: Location TBA
Sound Installation

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