Mar 13 - Mar 14 2012
Purbo Asmoro and Gamelan Mayangkara Residency

March 13, Time TBA, Becker House
Gamelan Mayangkara, a ten-member musical ensemble, led by Purbo Asmoro, presents a Klenengan (an informal musical performance) with hands-on music workshop for students from West Campus Houses, Cornell students from Indonesia and members of Cornell Gamelan Ensemble.
March 14, Time TBA, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art
Purbo Asmoro, one of Java's most dynamic and renowned masters of Javanese Wayang Kulit (shadow drama) gives a talk on translating Javanese Wayang, with Kathryn Emerson, and a lecture-demonstration of movement techniques and character traits of Wayang Kulit.
March 14, 8PM, Bailey Hall
Purbo Asmoro presents Arjuna's Profound Meditation: An Evening of Javanese Shadow Drama and Gamelan. Shadow drama master Purbo Asmoro presents the living classical drama and musical traditions of Java. The remarkable visual effects, to the sounds of a full gamelan ensemble, will be accompanied by projected English translations of the narrative.